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  • Re: Starting to feel burnt out on the 100k grind

    Temminal brudda you can do it, look at that guide somewhere here on forums, get 420k in arena that will give 1-10%, do a few raids, and bam there’s a shiny 4* munky boi in your bots. AM, SM, 2*, 3* dupes, calendar.. it all adds up


    here you go

    this should help you out Terminal

    this should be good
  • Re: Sanctum crystal

    Manthro wrote: »
    woo224 wrote: »
    What are all the possible prizes from the Ancient Sanctum Crystal anyway?

    T2 AM single revive
    T2 AM squad revive
    250 t3c essence (6 different classes)
    T2a essence

    I believe that's it.

    And a pony

    and a partridge in a pear tree
  • Re: T2C Drop Rates

    you two need to get a room.

    Where you can trade sparks

    and get mini sparks
  • Re: Another which 4* bot to take to r4 poll (sorry, need the advice)

    DaveJL wrote: »
    DaveJL wrote: »
    Infinite shock damage

    The shock damage isn't that strong though - in an ordinary fight you will do an absolute ton more damage using 3x sp1, especially if you fuse the 1st AB

    Strong or not, just bob and weave till the enemy slowly and painfully dies in front of you. No mercy.

    aint nobody got time for that! Pound them in to the ground with an energon flail. No mercy.

    Call them ugly. No mercy.

    Tickle them until they ask you to stop, and don't stop. No mercy.
  • Re: The Problem is the Arena Player Base/Structure

    arena is totally, totally messed up. If the idea is to forge your bots then this lends itself to a naturally small but powerful roster size. If you choose not to forge then to maintain a goos streak you need anything below a r2 4* to be maxed out I think? I'm currently using 3* bots at r2 or 3 to get to 5, then using 5 teams of 4*, then waiting for refresh and using 4* again, and repeat, because all my other bots seem too low to keep a streak going. I would reset but the points are pitiful, fights take a long time and there is just very little incentive to do quantity, i.e. arena chips.
    The only arenas really worth playing, that require more matches, also end up with such high cut offs that the amount of arena crystals you get in relation to the volume of fights done is also pitiful.
    Seriously, Kabam just need to revert back to the arena system that was the same as MCOC - it works exceptionally well there. If it aint broke, don't fix it.

    I am also totally, totally sick of sandbag teams. I blame the player base for this but I would like to see measures to prevent it. It's so incredibly annoying.