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  • Re: Starting to feel burnt out on the 100k grind

    tekkn1kal wrote: »
    No offense, but I don't know what the point of this post is. The feature 4* is not supposed to be easy to attain. You really have two options if you want it... either be in a high level alliance, at which point you pretty much get it by just doing AM, a bit of casual arena, and exploring expert in spotlight, or you can grind your butt off each month.

    The way I see it, it is a high level reward, that you can attain if you aren't in the high levels by some tough grinding. So I guess what I'm saying is, I would consider yourself lucky that it is even attainable. If you are trying to suggest that they need to change something, I'm not sure what more you could ask for.

    he is just having a whinge, let him
    I find that the more 4* I get the easier it is to hit 100k. I have 7 4* and in one run I can hit 300k most of which are auto fight and sandbag matches. Raiding is the most annoying week though.

    dirty sandbagger, you should be ashamed!
  • T3C offer

    Full price for a chance at a random t3c and only what, 4/5 of a single t2a? (ignoring the gold crystals, worthless)

    Becoming more and more like MCOC every day. To quote a well known youtuber, "MILK THE WHALES"

    It was only a few weeks ago that we could pay that amount and choose the t3c we got... we aren't all amnesic you know!

    At least make every similar offer as good as the last (although better would be nice)

    Thoughts from all are welcome
  • Re: Ads Paying you Energon

    they need external revenue, so Kabam running Kabam ads wont really generate that. I guess Transformers related ads would require many deals to be struck with all the rights and copyright holders?
    googleplay is just one entity and basically right up their street, and is advertising mobile games to mobile gamers - makes sense to me
  • Re: Another which 4* bot to take to r4 poll (sorry, need the advice)

    DaveJL wrote: »
    Infinite shock damage

    The shock damage isn't that strong though - in an ordinary fight you will do an absolute ton more damage using 3x sp1, especially if you fuse the 1st AB

    Strong or not, just bob and weave till the enemy slowly and painfully dies in front of you. No mercy.

    aint nobody got time for that! Pound them in to the ground with an energon flail. No mercy.
  • Re: Poll version 7.0.P0LL

    this poll just does not enhance my poll expollence