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    Signature ability change:
    Gaining unstoppable has a little thing to do with will of a planet eating planet to me, so I'll give him something that has to do with the Willpower mastery and Optimus Prime's Willpower life steal
    Galvatron gains 0.5% chance for each percentage of the opponent's mising heath to gain {keep the power gain} and life steal for the duration of that power gain buff, returning 5~10% lost health everytime he deals damage

    Changes to Dark Energy charges:
    - Change the duration from 6 seconds to 10 seconds

    New addition to SP2
    - Does not inflict Dark burn anymore
    - 100% chance to consume all Dark energy charges to place a Dark energy debuff on the oppoent for each DE charge consumed, each debuff drains 2% of opponent's max power over 2 seconds(with 30 charges: 60% power drained, 30% per seconds)

    Heavy attacks:
    - Refreshes the duration of Dark energy charges if Galvatron misses

    Unicronian physiology grants him 30% shock and burn resistance

    Come on, he's the herald warrior of Unicron, that means he must be more powerful than other Cybertronians
    Depite the disadvantage against Tech bots, he can resist Rhinox' annoying shock damage
  • Re: Share your lucky pulls

    I'll take any 3-4* bot from PBCs, I also need more defensive bots for my base
    About the Optimus Prime dupe, I'm happy to get my 3* Optimus Prime for the 7th time, he's fun to play
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    Class: Demolition

    Dark Energy debuffs:
    - Deals damage over time
    - Reduces opponent's repair by 10% per stack
    - Max: 4 stacks

    - Deathsaurus' wing has 10% chance to inflict Dark Energy debuff, dealing 30~40% of Deathsaurus' attack as direct damage over 5 seconds

    Critical flail attacks:
    - 5~10% chance to inflict armor break, removing enemy armor and applying a 30% armor reduction for 6 seconds, this chance is tripled for every Dark Energy debuff the oppoent suffers
    - Resets the duration of Dark Energy debuffs

    SP1: Deathwing
    - Each hit has 60~75% chance to inflict a Dark Energy debuff, dealing 30~40% attack as direct damage over 5 seconds

    SP2: Mace slam
    - Causes armor break, removing enemy armor and applying a 35% armor reduction for 8 seconds
    - With 2 armor break debuffs: Places a 80% armor break debuff which lasts permanently

    SP3: Living-metal-destroying cannon
    - The living metal destroying cannon fires a power blast of energy which erodes any metal but also links up with Deathsaurus's own systems and runs on his personal energy supply, taking away 7~5% of Deathsaurus' max health to deal 50% of his attack as direct damage over 2 seconds

    Signature ability:
    BREAST ANIMALS (seriously, I'm not joking, go look it up on
    Deathsaurus' trusty minions will come and help him in battle. Deathsaurus has 40~80% chance to call upon a Breast animal after using a special attack. (time for some minicons!)
    - Tigerbreast: Inflicts bleed, dealing 40~50% attack as direct damage over 5 seconds. This effect also combines with Dark Energy debuffs to create a passive repair block which expires whenever this bleed debuff expires
    - Eaglebreast: Grants Deathsaurus 20~35% increased crit rate for 6 seconds (that's it, what do you expect?)
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    (Not the IDW version)

    Class: Warrior

    - The V-star grants Star Saber 5% passive armor
    - +20% more crit rate on sword attacks

    Critical Sword Attacks:
    - 40% chance to cause bleed, dealing 40% attack as direct damage over 5~4 seconds
    - Bleeding opponents trigger 20% less evasions

    - Star Saber's shield grants 15~17.5% perfect block chance
    - This chance is doubled against Decepticons

    - 100% chance to inflict bleed, dealing 240% attack as direct damage over 30 seconds

    SP2: Unevadable
    - 100% chance to cause stun by removing a bleed dubuff from the opponent. Stun debuff lasts for 4 seconds. This attack cannot be missed or evaded

    - 100% chance to cause bleed, dealing 300% attack as direct damage over 15 seconds
    - Gains a True Strike buff for 10~15 seconds
    - True Strike: All attacks ignore armor, resistance and evasion

    Signature ability:
    Dropping below 20~25% health

    The Brain of Courage's burning justice grants him 20~30% armor and 20~30% attack for the rest of the battle. Addiotionally, all debuffs on Star Saber expires 20% faster
  • Re: Any chance of getting those 5.0 details soon?

    What I want for 3.0 update:
    - More lootboxes
    - More generic spotlight missions with OP mods
    - Useless G1 and Beast Wars bots
    - Overpowered Bayformers bots
    - Manthromus Prime with the power of polls
    - Kitten Prime with the power of jokes
    - Woo224 finishing the wiki
    - More generic relics