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  • Issue with Alliance Missions for Alliances on Higher Difficulty Levels of Alliance Missions

    Hey Commanders,

    It's been a long day here, and for many of you as well. We're looking into a few issues that arose after the launch of 3.0, and plan to have another iteration out very soon that should address these issues.

    We just concluded an investigation and have found the cause of a problem that is affecting Alliances running Alliance Missions on higher difficulty levels. We are currently working on administering the fix, but unfortunately this won't be active until you start your next rounds tomorrow.

    We know this isn't the solution many are hoping for, and we will continue discussing the impact that this had on your Alliances in the morning.

    For now, rest assured that this will be fixed tomorrow.
  • Re: Grindor bug

    Sorry guys,

    I gave Kabam Vydious the wrong information. His Heavy Attack has a fix on the way. There is nothing planned for this Sp3 at this time.
  • Introducing Kabam Vydious and Kabam Zibiit

    Hey Everybody!

    In an effort to increase our presence in the Forums, we'll be expanding the Kabam Community Team! We’d like to introduce you all to the two newest faces on our team, Kabam Vydious and Kabam Zibiit!

    You’ll be seeing them around the forums starting very soon, so they wanted to tell you a little bit about themselves!
  • Re: Soundwave does not gaining power from his basic hit after 2 power bar(screenshot include)

    He doesn't gain energy at all for hits. The only way he gets energy is his Heavy attack buff, his S2 successfully landing giving him another energy gain buff to go to S3 or by being hit by the enemy.

    It's his design.

    Dreadspectre is correct. I've talked to the team about making sure this is listed somewhere in his description.

    For what it's worth, this is what makes Soundwave one of my favourite bots to play! His power gain is really great!
  • Re: Is leaking future content agaisnt the terms of service? Admin pls reply asap!

    This is a complicated question, and I am not qualified to answer it myself. I've asked the right people about it, and will let you know when I have more information.