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  • Re: 4* Class Pack missing bots?!?!?!?!?!

    This is not a bug, and was intentional. There are still Bots that have not had an official release to the regular Crystals yet, such as Megatron, Galvatron and Dinobot. There are also still some bots that have not had their 4-Star versions released, and will not show up in the Crystals.

    A bot remains exclusive to their Crystal and other Featured Crystals until they are released to the General Bot Crystal pool.

    I see that you have already reach out to the Support Team. There is not more that we can do in the forums,
    and you will hear back from them soon.
  • Known Issue: New Mods Acting Strangely [UPDATE: RESOLVED]

    Hey Everybody,

    We are currently working on a fix for an issue where the new Mods that were introduced in the latest Spotlight and Alliance Mission are not working correctly. They may be giving the wrong effect, or doing too much damage.

    These Mods include the Randomizer, Electrophobia, etc.

    We are currently working on this, and will have a fix together as soon as possible. Please hold tight, and we'll let you know when these problems are resolved.
  • Re: Known Issue: New Mods Acting Strangely [UPDATE: RESOLVED]

    Hey All, we're happy to say that this has now been resolved. Give it a few minutes, but there should no longer be Sharkticons/other Bots with the Randomizer buff doing a billion damage with one hit.
  • Re: Are you kidding me???

    This isn't a threat, but when I have reports of a player saying that they're doing this on purpose, that is an exploit. I know that it's not possible for everybody to understand exactly how the game works inside and out, but a "data rollback" is not a thing, and taking it offline is a possibility.

    In the meantime, all we're asking is for players not to PURPOSELY exploit this problem.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Exploiting the Ancient Sanctum Bug


    We're receiving reports that some players are rerunning the Ancient Sanctum Map over and over because of the bug that is currently live causing the Map to reset. This is not an intended behaviour of the map, and exploiting this bug is not allowed. If you or your alliance is taking advantage of this bug, cease this immediately.

    While we understand that this bug is caused by an error on our end, and will take that into account, actions may be taken to rectify this situation, and that may result in a loss of points for your Alliance.