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  • Re: Maintenance during raid event

    While I totally appreciate the concern on this, no matter when we do the maintenance, it will occur during some kind of event. While we don't do them that often, it's likely that they're going to be happening more and more often (weekly) in the future. We only do these when there's something that must be done, and Tuesdays have just been the day that we historically do these events. We try to give you all a heads up as soon as we can so you can plan ahead, but no matter when we do them, they'll be at a bad time for somebody.

    I will talk to the team about trying to avoid having maintenance in the middle of important events in the future, but there isn't much of a chance that we can avoid it this time.
  • Alliance Treasury Donation List Reset Time: Discussion

    Hey Commanders,

    Now that we are on a set weekly schedule of Alliance Missions, we know that many of you have asked if we can change the Alliance Treasury Donation list to coincide with the reset of Alliance Missions.

    We think this is absolutely a great idea, but we want to know when you guys would like it to reset? When the new series starts (Thursday at 5:00 am PT) or when it ends (Monday at 5:00 am PT)?

    I didn't want to make this a poll, because I would like for you guys to actually be able to discuss it. We'll take a look at your Feedback, and can make a decision based on that.
  • Re: My thoughts about game

    Thank you for all of the feedback. Unfortunately, Rants are not allowed on the forums, so I've closed this thread down.

    While there are some important points here (we're working very hard on Lag and Crash issues on some devices, but a lot of these are due to device configuration), some of these points are directly related to the basis of the game, and are not going to see a change.

    Remember! Although there are some similarities to MCoC, these are two completely different games run by 2 different teams. They are not meant to be mirror images of each other, and each have aspects that make them unique. One big part of that is the 3D maps, and the 3D Arena. Is fighting in a 3D arena more difficult? That's for you to decide, but if you're finding that you're having trouble against some of the Bots on Mods, then you may just not be ready for that level of difficulty yet.

    The Forging System is another Unique aspect of Forged to Fight. This isn't something that exists in our other game, and is choice that you make when you decide to utilize it or not. Do you make the choice to sacrifice a little of your Roster, but increase the power of your Stronger bots? That's up to you!

    Please refrain from solely comparing Transformers: Forged to Fight to MCoC. It's not a fair comparison.
  • Re: October Update Discussion Thread

    The_53rd wrote: »
    Hey Everybody,

    We have an update for you all on the Galvatron Featured Bot Chip Arena. Starting with tomorrow's Arena, we're going to be adjusting the Rank Rewards for the this Arena to expand the Rank Brackets. Starting tomorrow, the Rank Rewards will be the following:

    Top 10 players: 1500 Galvatron Chips, 2000 PBC Shards, 15 Arena Crystals
    1-10%: 1000 Galvatron Chips, 2000 PBC Shards, 13x Arena Crystals
    11-20%: 700 Galvatron Chips, 2000 PBC Shards, 10x Arena Crystals
    21-30%: 500 Galvatron Chips, 1000 PBC Shards, 8 Arena Crystals
    31-40%: 400 Galvatron Chips, 675 PBC Shards, 5 Arena Crystals
    41-50%: 300 Galvatron Chips, 500 PBC Shards, 5 Arena Crystals
    51-60%: 200 Galvatron Chips, 475 PBC Shards, 3 Arena Crystals
    61-70%: 175 Galvatron Chips, 400 PBC Shards, 3 Arena Crystals
    71-80%: 100 Galvatron Chips, 200 PBC Shards, 2 Arena Crystals
    81-90%: 75 Galvatron Chips, 150 PBC Shards, 2 Arena Crystals
    91-100%: 50 Galvatron Chips, 100 PBC Shards, 1 Arena Crystal

    This should make these Chips more accessible to more Players, and speed up the rate at which Commanders are earning Featured Bot Chips.

    What? That hasn't made it more accessible at all! Top 10 rewards are entirely unchanged from their pathetic amount, the amount being the main complaint here. Are you monitoring the same game that we are?!

    Accessible does not mean "Add more for the top Players". Accessible means making it easier for ALL players to access Galvatron Chips. This change is allowing more players to score more. Additionally, we changed it from the Top 2% getting 1000 chips to the top 10%. That is more accessible.
  • Re: October Update Discussion Thread

    Terminal wrote: »
    So the new rank rewards give even less arena crystals than before. Just amazing Kabam.

    Not just less crystals but less everything.

    12 pages of complaints and still not listening.

    Seriously making it really difficult not to quit the game.

    Just when you think the worst is over they somehow find a way to make it worse.

    "People are complaining about not enough arena crystals"

    "I know, let's give them even less arena crystals and turn 90% of rank rewards into a joke!"

    You guys need to bring back milestones, for real. This is not fun.

    More than 7% could unlock milestones before, stop taking things away.

    When I stopped exactly on 650k (all milestones) in the old 2 crystal bounty my rank was 11-20%.

    If the next crystal bounty has been pushed up like today's arena then I might be done with this game.

    I've never seen such thoughtless design.

    I think you misread the post on this. We said that this is the first step we have to take before we can look at the ranks and Gold rewards. We didn't say that this would fix the problem.

    Additionally, there are not 12 pages of complaints. This thread has been around a lot longer than from when we announced the Arena changes, and if you take a look at the posts even just since then, there are a lot of mixed opinions. There are lots of people that like the new system as well.

    We are not done here. We have said many times that we will continue to watch the arenas, and if we need to make changes, we will. This can't be done quickly, and we need time and data. There hasn't even been one complete week of Arenas for us to look at yet, so we can't make any informed decisions at this time.