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  • Re: Did not receive mail from support regarding problem.

    Yep dude Kabaam don’t care what a great team
  • Re: New T3c essence offer... Coincidence after criticism?

    I’d consider if it was shards.. but nope it’s random. Ty kabam but no ty we know you’re taking advantage of us once again.
  • Re: What are Points?

    ...... Based off all your previous forum posts, the server runs an algorithm. It assigns a benchmark score for relevance, knowledge and general disposition (as well as a few other criteria such as activity).

    Long story short.. the point value represents the probable iQ of the forum member
  • Re: AS Crystals

    Manthro wrote: »
    Kabam, just to give you an idea...

    How long has map 3 been out? After all the ASs crystal pulls, and running map difficulty well over D30, I have personally collected no more than 1000 essence of any t3c.. my best is a tech spark at 1000 essence, and I'm still 3250 shards away from a random t3c.

    The rewards truly suck, the rarity associated with the worthwhile pulls are heavily weighted against them, and the truth is that it costs more money PLUS a ridiculous amount of time to "earn" a t3c than it does to simply buy it..

    I'm sure if you ran an analysis of how much energon players have spent per AM, it would already amount to thousands more energon than what you price a t3c at in store for direct purchase.

    These aren't rewards at all. They are the equivalent of financing a purchase with a 175% interest rate over 10 months.

    You need to do better. Putting t3c in the spotlight rewards was a good start. AM rewards need to be seriously adjusted as well.

  • Re: Are we ever getting old Arenas back?

    As evidenced by the dangerous waters arena, milestones made a huge amount of people play them because of milestones. It gave players, new and old alike, something to fight for.

    See the main problem is the noobs haven’t got anything worth playing for. Most likely chance if you’re a mid tier player you will only score a few 3* shards if any at all (crystal bounty). Is it really worth wasting hours of your valuable life just to get a few 3* shards which will probably just turn in to forge fodder anyways? Poor noobs

    It would be illogical (no I’m not shockwave, but I wish I was) and most certainly insolent to ignore our plea for milestones. We have made countless threads, some with replies most without. For those with replies we have gotten the ‘generic kabam response’ which pretty much means yeah we’re not going to do anything, enjoy crappy rank rewards.

    Kabaam, it’s time for action. #bringbackmilestones