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    Optima1P wrote: »
    Like the game said when choosing match-ups and modules for Optimus Primal, Starscream loves using ranged attacks, so prepare to take more of a defensive stance when fighting him

    Man i thought KittenPrime was bad...

    He necroed like 3 threads.. I am still your bad boy don’t worry >:)
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    ...... Based off all your previous forum posts, the server runs an algorithm. It assigns a benchmark score for relevance, knowledge and general disposition (as well as a few other criteria such as activity).

    Long story short.. the point value represents the probable iQ of the forum member
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    Ok Miike lemme clear this to ya mate.. if BONECRUSHER is going to have to be a boss make it in the first chapter PLEASE mmkay that’s all for today more family guy coming on next
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    Lapras wrote: »
    D3v1L wrote: »
    Ok time to add in a few things.
    I am always trying to be positive cause if you have a negative reaction,it is always to be expected a negative response.
    This is how things in life work.

    This is why i tried to be positive in the thread about the game glitches and lag last AM.
    Sorry if you took it personal guys,it was not.I just want the game to get bigger,we get more content and more and more players to join in.

    But I now start to think we are going downhill.

    1.I play a similar game.It is 2D.It lags a lot more than Transformers.Our game here is much better in almost all aspects.

    2.But we lack new bots and new content monthly.We need especially new bots,two at least, released every month.
    Veteran players have almost all bots as 4* and now also a few R5 bots max forged as well.
    So waiting a month and a half for a new bot is too long.
    We also need more buffed rewards.Please give us a full 4* crystal in Expert.The superior crystal is a joke.

    New content is welcomed as well.
    But if you do no start releasing more than one bot a month and now even 1 bot every 40 days,it does not attrack us to keep playing or spending!!

    The game to survive you need the whales to spend hard,the regular players to start spending and more and more players to join.
    But this will only happen if you concentrate on releasing new bots a lot more frequently and create new content like Alliance Wars very soon.
    Else this great game gets boring,you lose the whales and the game gets even more boring cause there will be no more updates...

    I am sure some players will come up with suggestions how to change the Arenas if we get more bots per month.
    We have to start from somewhere.
    But this monthly bot release shedule needs to change,cause it gets really boring after week 2.

    Think about it Kabam @Kabam Miike @Kabam Kavs and hope you see the facts and data from the last few months.

    Dude, they just released 6 new bots in 1 week. Why are you complaining about lack of bot releases?

    Six new bots? Are you taking about sharks? If you has to be a joke. They are good for nothing but arenas and forging. They have terrible pi and smart player wouldn’t rank a 4* shark up over normal bots.

    @D3v1L is on track with what he is saying. Almost a year later and still the same stuff. Rewards and content are cut and paste. Only one bot every five weeks is cause for concern. It begs the question, should I risk spending on a game that is seems to be fading?

    I do spend on the game, however, this isn’t going to happen anymore. Drop rate for the feature crystal BOTM 4* is HORRIBLE! How do I spend enough for 30 feature crystals and still don’t get the 4* bot? If you look at it, they offer a 2500 energon deal for a 4* and I SPENT MONEY, which surpasses the 4* energon “deal”, for the feature and don’t get the bot, head scratcher.

    Kabam, just sell the bot for £99 I’ll buy it then. until then I’m not spending on that ever again. #usetobeawhale

    I loved the sharks gonna r5 my shark tactician bought the t3 tact just for it