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  • Re: Any chance of getting those 5.0 details soon?

    I expect Manthromus Prime to arrive in game as an NPC.

    In game Poll options for moar pollinfinty.

    A thumbs down dislike button for forum posts to end capture the flag.
  • Re: Will this get me 4 star?

    camaro57 wrote: »
    You can open crystals whenever you want. Conservation of crystals doesn’t mean anything. People on YouTube do it for entertainment value.

    Then how do they get few 4 star and few 3 star. I still have no 4 star.

    If you want to pull a 4* from PBC, you need to ride a unicycle in reverse under the 1/4 moon while chanting "Baa-weep-graa-naa-weep-ninny-bon" and blasting "the touch" by Stan Bush.

    While doing all of that, it'll also help to hold your cell phone above your head like the matrix of leadership, and yell "LIGHT MY DARKEST HOUR!!"

    If the sweeps show up and gun you down into a pile of scrap, you'll get that 4* for sure once Wreck-Gar puts you back together... But only if you remembered to put "Dare to be stupid" on your playlist.

    Hope that helps
  • Re: Constructive criticism

    I think it's fair to say many players in the top 10-20 alliances offer plenty of advice and help to the community.

    However, when someone has clearly opened multiple forum accounts in an attempt to disguise themselves as a noobtroll to ask a question or suggest a game feature that has been requested and denied 30 times previously... Being intentionally ignorant is very easy to spot, and will almost always be met with virtual flaming slaps to the face.
  • Re: Trade-system?

    Damn, now I have to reset my calendar. It was nearly 30 days since the last thread about this topic.

    Kill it... WITH FIRE!!!
  • Re: Introducing the Ancient Sanctum Map

    Terminal wrote: »
    @Nightchris makes a good point.

    It would be interesting to know how many alliances, what percentage, actually do diff 40+, because half of the alliances in the game do diff 15 or less.

    ..and then of those alliances that do 40+, which ones have full equal participation to be able to do this new map. And then of those, who have a full 18 to get 100% on all 3 groups.

    Even if we say it's top 30, how many alliances is that out of? 300+? 5000 ish people in alliances of approx 15? Don't we have like 10,000 or 15,000 players? Top 30 is a couple of hundred.

    Would any disagree that the vast majority will be unable to do this new map?

    This is huge new piece of new content, they actually spent time and money developing something that only a tiny portion of the player base can experience. That seems like a huge fail to me. Even if it was only good for 50% that would still be too low. Why wouldn't developers want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the new content they've been working on?

    Isn't the fact that it requires 6 lanes and has all these mods enough of a challenge that it can scale from 1 to 100 with similar pis to map 2 but maybe increasing more so that everyone can enjoy and experience this new style of map in some form while still having a higher upper cap than map 2? What about people that just want something new and different to keep the game interesting? Why wouldn't anyone want to design it so everyone can play it. Diff 1-100 with a base the same as map 2 but a higher scaling multiplier. Problem solved. Everyone gets new content and the top % get a higher challenge. Everyone wins. There's no harm doing it this way.

    It's like, imagine if Hearthstone's new dungeon mode only unlocked each month when you hit rank 5, as an extra challenge for the highest of the high. It wouldn't make sense.

    All the rank rewards are already geared at the top 7%. Are we now going in a direction where we're making exclusive gameplay content for that portion as well? What's next? Super raids? Ultimate arenas? It just seems like a really close minded and tunnel vision way of trying to do things when there's easy ways to make content open for everyone.

    The devs aren't building new content for everyone to earn a participation ribbon. The content for everyone has already been established.

    The new content is for players that are progressing in the game, and it is motivation for those who can't complete it now to get themselves to a level where they can.. either by joining a better alliance or spending to leapfrog themselves into it.

    If you can't do it, then play SL map. Not all content is for all players.

    Having the estimated entry level difficulty equivalent to D40 is a good move. It offers inclusion for the mid range alliances.

    This entire post just sounds like something you saw an opportunity to be a social justice warrior about for the day.