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  • Re: More primal issues

    There is no fix required... I already asked Kabam Miike about this.

    His heavy is a projectile/ranged attack that does melee damage. This is intended.

    So, LGM will increase the speed of the attack but not the damage of it. EMI will also slow it down, etc.

    The heavy attack is also useful for focus power gain mods... You can interrupt them with it ;)

    But yes, gotta be careful using it against Rhinox!
  • Re: What is with all these Chinese threads?

    Gunz0 wrote: »
    Gunz0 wrote: »
    I was surprised to see 9 Chinese threads being made in 1 hour

    I guess the real question is, did the poster have anything better to do?

    That's when a spam bot cracks into a forum.

    Speaking of spam bots, why are there so many spam bots in the global chat lately?

    The better question is... Who even uses global chat to know that spam bots are there?

    It's like starting a fire by rubbing two sticks together when you have a lighter in your pocket.
  • Re: Ultra Magnus needs a buff for his signature ability

    Resistance functions pretty much the same as armor, except that you can't armor break it, or pierce it. It will mitigate either physical attacks or energy based attacks depending on what resistance you have.

    Armor break and pierce will only affect the base armor of a resistance bot, and the resistance will still prevent X% of the damage coming through.
  • Re: Ultra Magnus needs a buff for his signature ability

    @Black_Thought here is my reasoning for why tactician Bee sucks:

    Bee is the only tactician without armor break. This alone is why I rank him the worst. All the melee buffs in the world won't get him past stacked armor.

    He is basically a scout with advantage over brawler class. He's terribad for offense, considering his skillset. What can he possibly do to Optimus Primal with his skills? Absolutely nothing. Grindor laughs at Bee as well.

    Even without him being available as a 4*, I can already tell he is no bueno at high level play, except as an irritating defender when his Sig is increased.

    We shall agree to disagree, I suppose.
  • Re: Wheeljack?

    he have been showed to be coming by game leaks

    Hopefully it's not the Bayformer mad scientist "Que" version...