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    To whomever made the assumption that 200+ arena streak wins makes someone a cheater...


    Some arenas used to be 3-4 days long, and the top tier players easily spent thousands of energon refreshing their arena teams in that era. It used to be the best way to earn new bots, since top 5 automatically got the feature of the month.

    The records of those old arenas remain on players' accounts as their best streak. Arenas now are 24hrs and obviously it would be much tougher to make 200 wins in the new system.

    Know your facts before making such assumptions.

    My best streak is 64 wins, using 0 energon whatsoever (and that's not even close to how many rounds you could have actually played without energon refreshing, btw). It would have been extremely easy to use energon to get that to 200 if I had chosen to.

  • Re: Can you use a different icon for the node Armor buffs in AM?

  • Re: Ultra Magnus needs a buff for his signature ability

    Resistance functions pretty much the same as armor, except that you can't armor break it, or pierce it. It will mitigate either physical attacks or energy based attacks depending on what resistance you have.

    Armor break and pierce will only affect the base armor of a resistance bot, and the resistance will still prevent X% of the damage coming through.
  • Re: App Permissions

    So... I just want to understand a couple of things. Does your app setting for the game look like this:


    Sure, it's greyed out but it also says "no permissions requested". I don't have any trouble viewing the ads in the game with it set like this, and I don't think it has anything to do with you not being able to view ads. Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe you had permissions locked down before the update and now they are inaccessible.

    However, I recall bringing up app permissions as a possible cause for crashes in a previous version, and I am certain someone responded as the button always looking like that in two previous versions.

    This brings me to the next part... You've gone on several tirades about the optional ad buttons already... Hey that's cool, that's your opinion. Yet, now you're complaining about a function you apparently don't even want to use in The first place....
  • Re: Hive crystal return please

    Manthro wrote: »
    If I ever dupe my 4* bumblebee he’s going straight to r4..

    That's why awakening programs exist. Probably cheaper than trying to fish for another 4* even if the crystal ever comes back.
    Lol I can’t see them coming for f2p anytime soon so my best bet is to get high so the stars turn from blue to white haha

    Correction.... You will never see awakening programs for free.

    But instead of spending thousands of energon trying to dupe Bee if he ever appears again, $30-40 will awaken him for you. Up to you if it's worth it. This is why I said it's cheaper than using energon unless you've got a horseshoe up yer ass for luck ;)