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    I figured this would help clean up all the separate threads running around out there and put them all in one neat and tidy place where they can be accessed easily.

    The way this will work is as suggestions are posted within this thread, a mod or myself will then add the bots and the proposed changes into the top post. If the suggestions are taken up by the dev team and the bot is balanced or repaired, they will be struck from the list; otherwise the bot and the proposed rebalance/repair will remain in the list.

    PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS THE SUGGESTION THREAD AND NOT THE ARGUMENT/DEBATE THREAD. Let people have their say here and keep the arguments of why you think their suggestion is terrible and will destroy the game and probably the known universe in another thread.

    Sound good? Here is a proposed format below, but I"m certainly open to more helpful formats, as I realize there could be people posting different suggestions for the same bot. This is more just to get the ball rolling. A more friendly formatting can happen later.



    1. Signature does not immediately convert damaging debuffs or convert them fast enough.

    Reason for proposed change:
    1. While MV1 sees immediate benefits from converting bleed to health, Grimlock does not get any immediate benefit. The damaging debuffs don't convert fast enough to melee buffs and the buffs only last a few seconds before needing to be refreshed by a heavy attack. Keeping these buffs refreshed while not taking damage or losing your fighting rhythm is hard enough already, but the delay in converting damage debuffs makes Grimlock unusable because you're punishing the player for trying to use the bots signature ability, something they most likely paid for to gain in the first place.

    Proposed change:
    1. Make the debuffs convert immediately, the same way he has a small chance to immediately convert basic attacks. This will not make Grimlock overpowered because he is still taking damage from the hit that caused the debuff and if the player is really interested in keeping those earned melee buffs, they're still going to have to convert to alt-mode to keep them, which is a very risky proposal, especially at higher AI difficulty levels.


    1. Time. Galvatron does not have enough time to use his dark energy charges.

    Reason for proposed change:
    1. Galvatron does not have enough time to use his dark charges because they expire too quickly in two ways:

    a. From trying to start and land a combo prior to using a special
    b. The time it takes a special's animation to complete burns the clock up on timer.

    Proposed changes:

    1. Add more time to the clock before his dark energy charges.
    2. In addition to blocking at ranged distance, Galvatron should earn 2 dark energy charges per hit taken, both melee and ranged whether he is blocking or not. These 2 charges per hit could be permanently added to the dark energy stack (ex. Galvatron gets hit 3 times so he has 6 permanent charges) until consumed, whereupon the permanent charges are spent and the stack would start back at zero. This might make Galvatron a little more manageable, play-wise and make him more competitive with other demo bots.



    1. Wording on Signature is not clear, in terms of which game modes (Raid, Arena, Special, Story) he gains attack and physical resistance bonuses from opponents still alive
    2. 100% chance to Nullify an Attack or Melee Buff is NOT 100%.


    1. Ramjet's SP2 is not always connecting after successful combos.
  • Re: Cheaters

    redshift9 wrote: »

    Oh absolutely. We're working on a way to better catch, and punish these players that use malicious methods to gain an advantage in game. We're making a lot of headway, and are getting closer and closer to something we're really happy with.

    I’m not a programmer and have no knowledge of the game development process, so I’m asking the following questions out of curiosity, not as thinly-veiled criticism. Please excuse me if I seem harsh, because that’s not what I’m going for:

    Why wasn’t it assumed from the beginning that some players would cheat? Cheating has been a problem in every mobile game I’ve played that has a PvP element. (I’m sure cheating is an issue in PvE games, too, but to individual players it isn’t nearly as noticeable.)

    Why are you only “working on a way” to catch cheaters now, instead of building in security from the ground up? You have the data and technical expertise to understand how cheating software works. Wouldn’t it be smoother, faster, and more efficient if these anti-cheating mechanisms were built in from the start, rather than being added on later? You’d also have more resources available to deal with problems that inevitably crop up after launch.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m definitely glad you’re taking the issue seriously. I just don’t understand why it wasn’t addressed sooner.

    I'm just hazarding a guess here, but I think in their minds they did cover the prospect of cheating by making all the purchased items server-sided. In other words, they covered the cheating Kabam out of revenue part, but didn't put a lot of proactive thought into stopping player vs. player cheating.

    In their defense, given the size of the team which I'm guessing is small, they had to prioritize which was most important to keep the game going and save the rest for work-in-progress items that could be developed on the fly when players start complaining loud enough.

    I think it's a helpful reminder that we see this team for what they are: a small group of people who hopefully love their jobs, love Transformers, and want to make a great game for the amount of money Kabam is giving them. I know I've been guilty of slapping the faceless-corporate-entity focused only on the bottom line on them in the past so I'm trying to be a little more charitable. Call it a New Years resolution.

    I think it's just easier for us as the player base to turn them into the suit-wearing executives who don't care about any aspect of the game except for how much money it's making, especially when something about the game doesn't go according to plan or takes a turn in a direction we may not be fans of. But it helps to remember that like everyone else in this business, they're trying to please two very disparate parties: the beancounters and execs who sign their paychecks and determine if they get to show up to work the next day, and the playerbase who has very high expectations and not a lot of understanding about what they as the development team are having to deal with on the beancounter/exec end of things.

    That said, I am looking forward to a permanent solution to this problem in the game and hope it leads to expanding the competitive aspect of raiding into something a little more relevant to the game other than accruing chips and raid store items.
  • Re: Anyone else's G1 Megatron(s) been replaced with a blank image and a sharkticon tactician in-battle?

    One has to wonder what Kabam is up to, given the new splash screen of a bunch of sharkticons moving towards Primal.

    Hmmm.... >:)
  • It's time for a Rewards mini-update

    Was really surprised this wasn't addressed in the latest update.

    Away mission rewards for rare and epic are a complete joke for people who have played this game for months. Please add some T2A for rare and random T3C for epic.

    Player level rewards are also pretty stale as well. Hitting level 50 in July 2017 is not the same as hitting level 50 in January 2018. Consider revamping the level rewards.

    Basic Spark Trials need to have T3B added to them, Alpha Spark Trials need to be brought back for both T1A and T2A (the latter in small amounts), and Class Spark Trials need to have T2C added to Sunday (all classes available) and T3C in small amounts should also be considered, given how long it's going to take to even get one single T3C.

    Please consider doing this as a mini-update before the next major one is done.

  • Re: Another crystal complaint thread...


    Here's a quick example of what Hot Rod can do: