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    redshift9 wrote: »

    Oh absolutely. We're working on a way to better catch, and punish these players that use malicious methods to gain an advantage in game. We're making a lot of headway, and are getting closer and closer to something we're really happy with.

    I’m not a programmer and have no knowledge of the game development process, so I’m asking the following questions out of curiosity, not as thinly-veiled criticism. Please excuse me if I seem harsh, because that’s not what I’m going for:

    Why wasn’t it assumed from the beginning that some players would cheat? Cheating has been a problem in every mobile game I’ve played that has a PvP element. (I’m sure cheating is an issue in PvE games, too, but to individual players it isn’t nearly as noticeable.)

    Why are you only “working on a way” to catch cheaters now, instead of building in security from the ground up? You have the data and technical expertise to understand how cheating software works. Wouldn’t it be smoother, faster, and more efficient if these anti-cheating mechanisms were built in from the start, rather than being added on later? You’d also have more resources available to deal with problems that inevitably crop up after launch.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m definitely glad you’re taking the issue seriously. I just don’t understand why it wasn’t addressed sooner.

    I'm just hazarding a guess here, but I think in their minds they did cover the prospect of cheating by making all the purchased items server-sided. In other words, they covered the cheating Kabam out of revenue part, but didn't put a lot of proactive thought into stopping player vs. player cheating.

    In their defense, given the size of the team which I'm guessing is small, they had to prioritize which was most important to keep the game going and save the rest for work-in-progress items that could be developed on the fly when players start complaining loud enough.

    I think it's a helpful reminder that we see this team for what they are: a small group of people who hopefully love their jobs, love Transformers, and want to make a great game for the amount of money Kabam is giving them. I know I've been guilty of slapping the faceless-corporate-entity focused only on the bottom line on them in the past so I'm trying to be a little more charitable. Call it a New Years resolution.

    I think it's just easier for us as the player base to turn them into the suit-wearing executives who don't care about any aspect of the game except for how much money it's making, especially when something about the game doesn't go according to plan or takes a turn in a direction we may not be fans of. But it helps to remember that like everyone else in this business, they're trying to please two very disparate parties: the beancounters and execs who sign their paychecks and determine if they get to show up to work the next day, and the playerbase who has very high expectations and not a lot of understanding about what they as the development team are having to deal with on the beancounter/exec end of things.

    That said, I am looking forward to a permanent solution to this problem in the game and hope it leads to expanding the competitive aspect of raiding into something a little more relevant to the game other than accruing chips and raid store items.
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    So can we talk about this ever-growing elephant in the room @Kabam Miike?

    We know you guys look at these posts so we know they're not falling on deaf ears. Can you at least tell us if steps are being taken to begin to correct this so the integrity of the game can be restored? MCOC is clearly doing something about it, why can't you guys?
  • Re: Kabam, it's not the player's job to report cheaters, it's yours

    Manthro wrote: »
    Not saying the raid board isn't full of cheaters... But you would think they would cheat for something meaningful.

    Really, who cares if they occupy the leaderboard. They aren't getting anything for it.

    There are bigger fish to fry than a meaningless stat.

    In terms of "bigger fish" sure there are other problems with the game that need addressing, but we're talking about 20% (and probably more) of the game being fundamentally flawed. It actually is kind of a big deal.

    Again, here they are running another promotion of these exclusive mods that they're looking to make money off of, but who is going to bother buying them if anyone can use a hack to get by anything? I'd say if they're not going to address the issue of hacking then the best thing to do is to just take the leaderboard down, but that still doesn't stop other parts of the game being effected by this.

    Think about the people cheating to earn more arena points faster and inflating scoring cutoffs. Think of it being used to breeze through special missions to steal things other people are spending money on to try and earn. Is this being used in AM to effect the leaderboard there?

    I don't think I'm out of line here in wanting them to put some automated checks in place to make sure every fight is being fought fairly. I've seen it used in lots of other games, so I know it can be done.

  • Re: How to play Shockwave

    The Galvatron/Shockwave synergy has been totally untapped in this game.

    Trying running Starscream/Ramjet/Megatron(or Soundwave)/Shockwave/Galvatron in Spotlight and try Shockwave (heavies, ranged and sp3's).
  • Should duping mods give you featured bot chips?

    I feel like one way to bring more people into the unpopular mod arenas and also purchasing mod crystals would be to explore the idea of including featured bot chips any time a mod is duped.

    While I don't think the amount of chips earned should be comparable to pulling bot crystals, I feel like we should at least get something from them. I was thinking:

    4 star mod dupe: 5000 chips
    3 star mod dupe: 500 chips
    2 star mod dupe: 50 chips