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  • Re: Chat Banning BS...

    Hey Guys,

    So, we're aware of the spammers and are working on getting them out of Global for good, but there's only so much that our system can catch before we have to update it, and we're always working on improving our filters to catch them.

    Now, as for players that have been banned for doing "nothing", you appear to have been caught in a spam filter. There are lots of systems in place, and it seems that you got stuck in one of them. We're working with our team right now to improve this, so that innocent messages will not result in a permanent ban.

    If you think there was a mistake made, please reach out to our Support Team. They can investigate this for you.

    OP, we're looking into this for you already.

    In regards to reaching out to "support", their answer is simply "If you are unable to chat then you may have been banned. If you still cannot chat after 72 hours then you may have been permanently banned. Unfortunately we cannot disclose the reasoning why/or if you were banned nor can we do anything to reverse the ban if you were banned."

    I have tried to plead my case about why I was banned to Kabam support a few times now and every time they just brush it off and close the ticket. If I reply to the closed ticket I either get nothing at all or "This matter is closed" and that is it.

    The support team is useless.

  • Re: Chat Banning BS...

    There really should be a more thought out and fair process for chat banning. I get banning people for spamming or what have you that violates the TOS but permanently banning someone from chat for doing nothing like the dude in the image above is ridiculous.

    Maybe a less harsh tier system:

    One strike = banned for three days
    Two strikes = banned for two weeks
    Three strikes = banned for a month

    Anything over the third strike is an automatic month ban.

    To me, something like this seems more fair to the players as it offers them a chance at redemption. Even for the folks who are spamming the links and other crap, a month off would probably just annoy them enough to never log into that account again and while they will create a new one at least it offers a chance for the actual players to utilize the tool again.
  • Chat Banning BS...

    Dear Kabam...

    I have to rant here. You folks permanently banned me from all chats in game for alliance recruiting in Global chat. I know you can't say why I was specifically banned however that is the reason I ever posted anything in global chat...Period.

    With that being said I love how you ban active players in the game for trying to help build their alliance/s while at the same time you let nimrods like the joker in the image below spam the hell out of Global chat with what could be potentially threatening links/URLs.


    I have reported this person over 80 times now but they are still live and posting their crap in Global having a good'ol time while Kabam sits back and sticks it hard to the people who are actually playing the game and using the chat function in a manner of which it was designed. This is not the only fool that is legitimately spamming chat on a daily basis either but apparently it's only worth banning the true players of the game....Well done Kabam...Well done..

    This is BS,


  • Re: Ideal AM Playing Time

    I feel that having to start an AM at 8:00am EST is just flat out rude. If I didn't work from home this would be a huge problem for us. It still is a huge problem for anyone who works days, goes to school etc. Also having to wake up early on the weekends to start an AM is in poor taste. I would prefer to run AMs during the week having the weekends off period. I thought that starting at 8:00pm EST was just fine, not sure why they up and changed it....