The last knight challenge

Since its not a spotlight special mission, can it be added for longer, or make it like the Rulers of kaon so we can play it after also if we have not finished yet. This bugs from 3.1.4 really messed the game and made it not really playable, so im asking for a chance to play it when game gets fixed


  • Sounds like excuses to me I managed to do last knight with no spend and the occasional lag or crash that everybody is experiencing. Sometimes you gotta accept you can't do things without spend
  • Im struggling and i know i wont be able to finish it especially with game being in state as it is
  • What device are you running? And what fixes have you tried on your device?
  • from what i read alot of devices have problems, it was better before this fix
  • TrailfireTrailfire Posts: 590
    I think you're not gonna get much luck with this one. But I wouldn't worry too much, there will be new content in two days, just focus on that instead
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