Kabam can you see all the unhappy players???



  • MagnusPrime649MagnusPrime649 Posts: 2
    edited February 2018
    Kabam you have <Removed by Moderation> up honestly it is my favorite game and i was so psyched for hound but for a week now it has had the not connected to internet thing showing up and I can't access the game anymore.My internet works just fine cause I tested it out on other apps that needed wifi and they worked fine I am honestly very sad that I can no longer access the game anymore and I've lost all the progress from the daily calenders. I don't even know if Kabam can do anything or if they'll even see this.
  • The only thing they'll react to is the expletive you used in your post. As for making this game work properly for anyone NOT using a top-end device: don't hold your breath.
  • MikaMika Posts: 12
    I miss the sharks so much!
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