Let's address crashing and lagging. The issues and solutions.



  • @iuJacob Do you remember when this started happening and how often?
  • Almost a year into this bugged-out mess, and it's only gotten worse. Kabam apparently has no incentive to keep it's players happy, much less satisfied. Well put, iuJacob. I agree with you completely.
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    The reason for this thread was to sort all issues for quicker solutions. Neither developers nor players what these issues. A developer want to player play a game. For player to have issues with the game is Not Good. For player to try to find an cause of the problem is Not Good either. Even I with all computer understanding don't do it, because I have 50/50% chance to make mistake. I rather leave it to professionals who made the game to find the cause of issue. Players can help quicker to resolve the issue by describing the issue. Giving details as much as possible by answering support questions without actually making any assumptions of something like memory leaks and server issue. This will help developers to find solution quicker and resolve them asap.

    Unsupported devices
    Many complain about crashing and lagging while trying to run the game on device that can't run it because of hardware.

    I did notice that recently lagging became an issue for others. I never have that issue because as soon as I feel something is wrong I do what I mentioned in the first comment. It's temporary solutions while developer works on issues. I don't play much games, but when I do they all advanced and have heavy graphics. I never seen a perfect game and all games I played have issue. Some less, some more.
    As far as I can understand lagging happens often on iOS devices. I don't know about Android. Why it happens? Let kabam resolve it. I have an idea, but I am not gonna guess.

    iOS Response while device overheated
    There's an issue with delay in response when iPhones overheated. It can be avoided by cooling device or not have dangerous situations in fights, but we all want it to be addressed.

    Game Crashes
    Few players have game crashes. If it's popular device and it's not ongoing issue when it could be fixed with solutions posted in first comment. Kabam's Support definitely has solution also, but I don't know it since I never contacted them on crashes or lags. If it's still a problem then I suggest contact support.
  • What I mean by core game is that the game was created in Unity if I am not mistaken. I don't know much about the mobile dev, but I know that now majority are multiplatform. Here's the screen shot from Unity.

    It's true that it may be both fault, but I still believe that it's more iOS hardware related. I rather have kabam replay to us with the answer since it's affecting all iOS devices. @Kabam Miike


    Yeah, what I meant by it also being a Kabam issue is this...

    The main part of the iOS problem appears to be related to the Battery / CPU throttling issues since the changes that Apple had snuck in to iOS 11.x. 11.3 is supposed to fix this issue but the fix is still not even in the beta of 11.3 yet, so who knows when that is going to hit.

    At the same time you have Kabam pushing higher graphical effects on the same iOS devices that are experiencing these issues, and typically are just more prone to overheating than the average phone. This is where I was indicating that part of the fault seems to lay in Kabam's hands, because they could at least dial down the graphics (most of it is gaudy fluff that I think looks worse anyways) or provide a toggle for players that want to turn that stuff off.

    So in a sense it is probably mostly an Apple issue, but it if the developer isn't going to try and work around device issues when the majority of their users are on said devices, it really doesn't matter who is to blame, because the users are just going to quit using their software, and that is not going to really affect Apple in the long run. So basically Kabam still needs to do something about it.
  • Game started crashing now and phone is heating up. Going to uninstall and reinstall.
  • My phone got so hot I had to put it on ice to cool it down. MEMORY LEAK devs. This is exactly what happened before 5.1 was introduced.
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    Agree with the messed up priorities.
    Issues that costing them money will get fix/nerf right away without user report, issues that making them money get fixed months later with massive user feedbacks..... come on.
  • The other issue I'm facing is diminished battery life. With the processor getting so over worked my battery life has gone to shite.
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