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6.0 Raid Store Revamp


The Raid Store is getting a refresh! It’s been some time since we introduced the Raid Store, and although we have made some minor changes, and have added rotating randomized items as well, it’s time to give the store a facelift!

Out with the old, and in with the New!

- Tier 2 Basic Spark Essence has been replaced by a full Tier 2 Basic Spark
- Doubled the Tier 1 Alpha Spark Essence, and reduced the Raid Chip Cost
- Added small amounts of Tier 3 Basic and Tier 2 Alpha Spark Essence to the regular items in the Raid Store
- Replacing the 2-Star Superconductor 2000 with a 3-Star Superconductor 1000
- Added a brand new Raid Relic that grants +4% Attack and Health for Raid Defenders and Attackers. (This is gonna be 1,000,000 Raid Chips. Just a heads up.)

Double the Rotating Items, Double the Fun!

Just like during our Throwback Week, but more permanent! Every day, we will feature 2 Items in the Raid Store, giving you greater choice over what you would like to spend your Raid Chips on.

New Additions to the Rotating Items!

Lots of new items that will randomly appear in the Raid Store!

- Tier 3 Class Spark Crystal Shards (Collect enough shards to form a crystal that guarantees a whole Tier 3 Class Spark!)
- Tier 3 Class Spark Essence Crystal (Guarantees Class Spark Essence that contributes to forming a Tier 3 Class Spark)
- Tier 1 Class Spark Crystals
- Premium Mod Crystals
- 3-Star Bot Crystals
- 2-Star Exclusive Bot Crystals
- 2-Star Sharkticon Crystal
- Superior Signature Upgrade Crystal

Additionally, we’re reducing the cost of the Tier 3 Basic Spark Essence for when it comes around, and increasing the amount of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Knight Crystals you can purchase when they appear.

The Double Rotating Items will start on April 5th, and the rest of this update will arrive when Version 6.0 goes live next week! Stay tuned for the release date!
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