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5-Star Bots in 6.0


As you know, 5-Star Bots are joining the fight! These Bots won’t be easy to obtain, but will offer a step up in strength similar to the step between 3-Star and 4-Star Bots.

Just how strong are they? A 5-Star Bot at Rank 1 Level 10 is roughly as strong as a 4-Star Bot at Rank 4 Level 40, while a Rank 2 Level 20 will be approximately the strength of a 4-Star Bot at Rank 5 Level 50. At this time, this is as far as you will be able to get with your 5-Star Bots (unless you can take down Grimlock in Revenge of the King), but as Rank Up Resources to go beyond that become available, your Bots will surpass the power possible for 4-Star Bots.

We also said that we're going to make 3-Star and 4-Star Bots more accessible, and we weren't kidding. With the update to 6.0, you'll also receive 3-Star Shards for every 2-Star you open, and 4-Star Shards for every 3-Star Bot you open!

When 5-Star Bots enter the Fight, you will only be able to obtain them from the 5-Star Bot Crystal. You’ll find 5-Star Bot Crystal Shards starting to appear in game in various areas, such as Achievements, Special Offers, Spotlight Missions, and from finding 4-Star Bots. That’s right, you’ll get 500 5-Star Shards for opening a 4-Star Bot, regardless of if they are a Duplicate Bots or brand new! You’ll need 10,000 of them to open a 5-Star Bot Shard Crystal!

Now, you’ve all been very patient, so it’s time to let you know which Bots will make it into the first 5-Star Bot Crystal!

Optimus Primal
Megatron (ROTF)
Ultra Magnus

The 5-Star Bot Crystal will live independently of other Bot Crystals. It will not be updated at the same time, and will have more sporadic updates, with larger gaps between the updates.

The 5-Star Bot Crystal will be live when you update to 6.0 next week!
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