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Alliance Missions Update - It's Time for the Beast Wars


It’s time for the long awaited refresh to Alliance Missions! Megatron’s time as the Boss has come to an end, and it’s time to start the Beast Wars!

We’re doing things a little differently this time. All 3 maps will now feature a different final Boss from the Beast Wars Series.

Forgotten Realms will be seeing only a minor refresh, with Dinobot taking back his place as the Boss.

Shattered Lands will get 3 new Mini-Bosses, and a new Boss. Optimus Primal with a Randomizer Mod takes the place of Grimlock, Rhinox with a Stagger Mod moves to Waspinator’s spot, and Dinobot with a Special Attack Stun Mod claims the spot vacated by Rhinox. Cheetor will be taking over as the new Boss, and is bringing along a Critical Hit Rate Mod.

Now, onto Ancient Sanctum. This map is getting more than just a Bot refresh, it’s been completely rebuilt! We’ve simplified the variety of Buffs to require less specialization of abilities and Bots, and reduced the number of Paths required to fully explore the Map!

This means that at any point in the Map, there will only be a maximum of 5 paths to explore, allowing a Battlegroup of 6 Commanders to double up wherever help may be needed. Additionally, the minibosses will come at “pinch points” on the map, where paths will merge once again to allow all Commanders to engage in battle with them.

Now, we’re not going to give too much away this time, because we want there to be some surprises for you as you and your Alliance explore the new Ancient Sanctum map, but we will give you guys the list of Mod combinations you can expect to come up against, and the Minibosses.

Miniboss 1: Cheetor
Every X seconds, the opponent's Power Meter will be fully depleted.
50% Crit Rate
100% Melee Dmg
300% Health Boost

Miniboss 2: Waspinator
100% Special Dmg
Activates a random Attack, Armor or Resistance Buff. 100% more effective than Rank 1
When hit by a Special Attack, this enemy gains 1 Bar of Power.
300% Health Boost

Right Lieutenant: Dinobot
Earn 1 Attack Buff each time the opponent Dodges or Sidesteps. Each Buff grants 10% bonus Attack. At 10 Attack Buffs, gain Unstoppable for 6 seconds.
50% of opponents Attack over 4 seconds done to them when hitting a Block
This Bot grants X% more Power when hit, but constantly drains opponent's Power.
300% Health Boost

Left Lieutenant: Rhinox
Melee attacks do 50% of attack as bleed dmg over 7.5 sec
Reflect ranged attacks for 120% of the original dmg when blocking a ranged attack.
This Bot grants X% more Power when hit, but constantly drains opponent's Power.
300% Health Boost

Mod Combinations:

Section 1

Path 1: Melee Power Burn and Melee Damage
Path 2: Power Wipe and Critical Rate
Path 3: Ranged Power Burn and Ranged Damage

Section 2

Path 1: Power Start and Special Damage
Path 2: Power Flow and Randomizer
Path 3: Strike Back and Enhanced Special 2
Path 4: Evade Power Gain and Special Attack Stun
Path 5: Focus Power Gain and Debuff Duration

Section 3

Path 1: Power Conductor and Melee Bleed
Path 2: Power Conductor and Shock Block
Path 3: Power Conductor and Ranged Damage
Path 4: Power Conductor and Relentless Assault

Now for the Boss! You’ll be taking on Optimus Primal with the Evolving Power Mod. This Mod is unchanged from the current one used for Megatron.

Evolving Power: Phase 1: No damage can be done unless player's have a combo of 15 or greater.
Evolving Power: Phase 2: Cycle through 300% Ranged, Melee, and Special Attack Buffs.
Evolving Power: Phase 3: Cycle between protection from Melee and Ranged Attack damage.
Evolving Power: Phase 4: If not struck by a melee attack within 6 seconds, heal for 1% every second only up to 25% HP.
Evolving Power: Phase 5: Upon taking lethal damage, become Unstoppable, Protected from all damage, and gain a 300% Attack Buff for 6 seconds.

That’s it for now Commanders! We can't wait for you to try out this new Ancient Sanctum Map! This change should make it easier for some less experienced Alliances to enter the Map, and for more experienced Alliances to aim for a higher difficulty level.
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