Fun & active alliance looking for 2 players

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A mature (in age B) ) alliance looking for 2 players. We're an active but easy going group. Rated 880k and heavy arena players. We rank top 5 in AE Arena battles. Arena is a grind and if you are exhausted carrying your team, come check us out.

We're ranking around 175 for the AM. 100% x 3 and running map 2 diff 33. We're slowly moving up because we don't have a full group. We want the everyone to (have fun) hit 100% instead of having 1 BG suffer.

Player should have R3/4 4* bots for the AM, and hold their own in the arenas and raids for the Alliance Events. Must have Line app for communication.

Msg me here or Voltron-Macross in game


  • VoltronVoltron Posts: 122
    edited June 12
    Bumping up the post. Just ranked 157 in the AM and hitting the leader boards for the AEs. We're looking to move into Map 3 so having the right players will be great!
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