Game Response Delay on iPads & iPhones

The response delay is unacceptable on iPads specifically. Ihe iPad is brand new and no other games have this issue. This bug been forever. Will it be addressed at some point?


  • Hey there!

    I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with a delay on your device. In order for us to investigate this, we do need more information about that device directly. Can you please share with us the make, model and OS version it is running?
  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 165
    Sure. This is iPad:
    I also play on iphone 7. On iPhone I have delay when it’s hot, but iPad it happens way too often.
  • BeerguzzlerBeerguzzler Posts: 79
    edited July 3
    I’ve been having the same problem as stated above: severe game lag especially in AM fights and spotlight mission, no response from bot with command input(blocking doesn5 work, specials not activated, bot stands still when heavy is activated), game freezes mid match and restarts several frames ahead, etc...I’ve reported it more times than I can count now to Kabam service dept with all the device info. 8i1bexhv9vi9.png
    After this last update it has gotten worse. So...again here is the info on my iPad:
  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 165
    edited July 3
    I never had an iPad before, because never had a use for it. Recently, I got it as a present and realized that it’s definitely a gaming device. It’s a shame that we, many players have been complaining for around a year, cannot get full pleasure of playing on iPads. I know it’s only on iOS devices. Please fix the issue.
    @Beerguzzler , from my experience it’s better to address all issues you mentioned above seperatly. This way it will help quicker and more efficient to resolve problems. I mentioned it before in this thread:
    I did posted my final comment on that thread, but for some reason it didn’t go through.
  • Shaney_C81Shaney_C81 Posts: 8
    Yup been having the same issues. Even got a new iPhone 10. Major lag in all play areas doesn’t matter. Lag will cause my to loose my streak in arenas and my raids. Getting really tired of it.
  • DeadSilenceDeadSilence Posts: 76
    While Kabam is in the middle of fixing mcoc hot phone & lag issues they should fix the same problem that’s happening in forge to fight i want to try ROK & cannot because my iphone 7 plus on the latest version of iOS11 can’t handle the heat please kabam please fix this is a Day1 issue for me. Also i spoke with apple about this & it is not a hardware issue it is a software issue thanks.
  • fatty3065fatty3065 Posts: 8
    I'm having issues with my iPhone 6 too. Keeps crashing when loading a match and support copies and pastes the same thing. Try fresh install, maybe connection issue etc. Had no problems until the update
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