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Important Information Regarding Level Cap Increase to Level 60


Shortly after announcing and pushing the data to our live server for our update to the Commander Level Cap, we discovered a bug that is currently affecting the Achievement for reaching Level 60.

Currently, if a Commander reaches Level 60, they will be unable to claim the Achievement reward. There are also some Commanders out there that have multiple Achievements available for reaching Level 60, and upon hitting that level, will not be able to claim any of them. While the claim button will appear as active, tapping on it will have no result.

Upon finding this, we removed the Level 60 Achievement, but any Commanders that had logged in while they were active will still see them.

We are actively working on a fix, and hope to have it out to you ASAP. In the meantime, we can assure you all that if you do manage to get to Level 60, we will ensure that you receive the rewards that you have earned after we resolve the issue.

While this is not an ideal situation, and not one that either our Commanders or our team wanted to find ourselves in, our other choice was to delay the Level Cap increase to Level 60 until a fix was found, and this is not something that we think you all would like.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and any confusion that might be caused by this, and want to give a shout out to @MyNastix75 for posting a screenshot that led us to find this bug.

If you encounter any other issues with Achievements or Away Missions, please contact our Support Team, or post in the Bugs and Known issues Forum with any information you can provide.

Thank you all for you patience and your understanding.
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