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Introducing: Generic Bot Chips


Starting on January 10th, Featured Bot Chips will be taking on a new form. Bot Chips will no longer be exclusive to just one Bot, and will now be a permanent Currency that can be spent on any Bots featured in the Store!

To celebrate this new currency, Jetfire Chips will be converted 1:1 to Bot Chips on January 17th. Going forward, as Bot Chips are a permanent Currency, they will not be changed to a different Chip or converted to Gold at the end of the month.

You’ll be able to earn these Chips in the same way that you currently earn Featured Bot Chips, and will be able to use them towards any Bot that has been previously released!

In place of a new Bot released monthly, Commanders will have 3 exclusive 5-Star Bots to choose from each month. This includes previous exclusive 5-Star Bots that have not yet been added to the 5-Star pool! For January, the exclusive 5-Star Bots are Jazz, Motormaster, and Bludgeon!

This is a permanent change to The Fight, Commander. Start earning Bot Chips now to build up your Bot Roster now!
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