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Introducing: Alliance Events

Hey everyone,

We’re happy to let you know that Alliance Events are coming out in our next update. These are events that reward your whole Alliance for participating in specific activities. The more that each member participates, the more reward you’ll receive.

You may have noticed the events icon on the right side of the Alliance screen. You will be able to access the day’s events from there, or from a new button in the menu to the right of your chat bar. From there you can check the requirements and rewards of each event.

Each event will have different requirements to score points. As you and your alliance mates contribute points, you will unlock rewards by crossing over Milestone thresholds. Earning more points helps you earn more rewards. Some events also feature Ranked Rewards. Like in Arenas, after you cross the Ranked Reward threshold, you and you Alliance will earn more rewards dependent on where you place compared to all other Alliances that have reached Ranked Rewards.

There will be multiple different kinds of events, with different rewards for each of them. Each event will be on a timer, so make sure you hustle and contribute points before the event ends!

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