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Mini-Update on our Goals!

Good day, Commanders!

As you'll recall, we had a mini-spotlight within The Fight. The focus behind this type of content is to work on getting more story content into the game. In addition to this, we're working to change up the rewards so they are better in-line with regular content.

In a similar fashion to the Alliance Mission rework (and away missions before it), we prefer doing bigger updates. We'd mentioned in the past looking at Spotlights and unfortunately found it to not be at the top of our priority list. That said, now that we've gotten a few other things out of the way this is a high priority for us.

We don't wish to promise things before they get implemented, but we did want to share with you some of our current goals:
- Getting spotlight rewards in-line with other game modes.
- Giving Relic Tickets more use to players who have collected all the relics they want.
- Increasing the difficulty ceiling in spotlight missions.

Thanks for reading and good luck out there!
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