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8.3 Patch Notes [ 12/05/19 ]

New Features

Showcase Mode - You will now be able to try out a monthly featured bot in a Special Mission without having to own them first. Get a chance to experience what a fully maxed out Bot feels like in your hands.
Mission Mastery - Players who have proven their worth in the Daily Missions will now be able to earn the rewards without having to play through the content each time. If you have the Energy or the Energon to complete the Mission, you can earn the missions rewards without playing the Mission.
• Added a link to our new brand new Discord channel in the Options Menu.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a crash on the iPhone 6 that occurred during combat.
• Addressed an issue where some ranking iconography on the Bots screen was displayed in an unintended manner.
• Addressed an issue where the game could crash during extended play.
• Addressed an issue where Ads were not appearing properly in certain countries.
• Adjusted Optimus Primal's basic attacks so they can combo into Special Attack 2 more reliably.
• Adjusted Rhinox's Heavy Attack to have less recovery lag.
• Fixed an issue where the first hit of Mirage's Special Attack 2 counted as a hit from Special Attack 1 instead.
• Fixed incorrect text on level up screen when a bot is at maximum level.
• Fixed an issue where the game may crash if the Commander loses to an Ambush.
• Fixed an issue where Nemesis Prime’s Synergies didn’t apply a boost to Bot rating.


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