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Bot Intel Report - Necrotronus!


When Megatronus attempts to harness the power of the dormant Necrotitan, the two are corrupted to form a frightening new entity. Now NECROTRONUS attempts to rewrite history, but how long can the power of two sparks share one form before they burn everything down?

Faction: Decepticon
Class: Warrior

Stats and Abilities:

• Health: 4,768
• Attack: 344
• Max Rating: 1,386

• Health: 12,392
• Attack: 893
• Max Rating: 3,668

• Health: 30,085
• Attack: 2,167
• Max Rating: 8,890

Basic Abilities: Power Rate Down, Overwhelming Power, Bleed

When the opponent has more power than Necrotronus, reduce their power gain by 10~50%

Titan Charges
• When Necrotronus hits the opponent, he gains 1 Titan Charge. Titan Charges cap at 20 (unless he is Awakened)
• When Necrotronus gains a Bar of Power, he gain 5 Titan Charges
• Necrontronus gains Attack Up 0.5~1.3% for each Titan Charge
• When Necrotronus has 20 or more Titan Charges, he will trigger Overwhelming Power

Overwhelming Power
• Necrotronus gains an additional Attack Up, gains -35~-15% Block Proficiency and his melee defense is lowered
• If Necrotronus strikes an opponent, 100% chance the opponent gains a Bleed Debuff, dealing Bleed damage over 6 seconds (If they already have a Bleed Debuff, this refreshes the timer)
• When the opponent performs a Special Attack, chance for Necrotronus to become unstoppable for 0.95 seconds

Knocked Down
• When Necrotronus is knocked down, he loses 5 Titan Charges

Light/Medium Combos
• Chance for opponent to Evade is reduced by 20%

Heavy Attacks
• Critical Hit Chance is increased by +1% for each Titan Charge

When Taking Damage
• When reduced to 10% Health, Necrotronus knocks the opponent away and gains 2 Bars of Power. For 10 seconds, Necrotronus will emit a burn aura, causing the opponent to gain a Burn Debuff if they are close to Necrotronus.

Special Attacks:

Special 1 - Fall and Rise Again
We will be eternal.
• 60% chance to increase Power Rate by +30% for 6 seconds
• Expends 10 Titan Charges

Special 2 - Two Minds
None can stand in our way.
• 65% Chance to gain +20% Crit Rating for 12 seconds
• Expends 15 Titan Charges

Special 3 - Master of Timelines
Time is ours to control.
• 85% chance to cause Bleed Debuff, dealing damage over 7 seconds.
• Expends 20 Titan Charges

Signature - Outrage
• Maximum Titan Charges is 40
• Critical Damage increases by 1.9~80.3% while Overwhelming Power is active.

Synergy Bonuses:

Incoming - Aspiration - Megatronus
• Start the fight with 4~10 Titan Charges

Outgoing - Power Consumed - Megatronus
• +2~5% Critical Chance when Megatronus has more Power than the opponent

Mutual - Disciples - Nemesis Prime, Bludgeon
• +2~5% Power Gain when you have less Power than the opponent

Outgoing - Cityspeaker - Windblade
• +2~8% Power Gain from Sword Attacks

Outgoing - Titan Hunters - Thundercracker, Waspinator
• +2~6% Armor Piercing


Strong Match-ups:
Scouts - Necrotronus is a heavy hitter, and can cause serious damage to low health Scouts. He can also reduce the chance to Evade, found commonly amount Scouts

Weak Match-ups:
Brawlers - Brawlers tend to be tanky and stack Armor and/or Melee Buffs. Necrotronus has no buff removal, and his damage is more gradual, allowing Brawlers to more easily activate or build their buffs. He also gets a Melee Defense penalty when Overwhelming Power is active.


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