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Synergies and Necrotronus

So @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Miike one thing good about Necrotronus is his synergies type and the bots he has synergies with. But there is one thing I do not understand about his synergy, i.e. this is a 4* Necrotronus
and if we look at it synergies
They are saying 3, which means that these synergies are the 3* version and not the 4* version whose screen is open.
and if we look at his bot intel report for synergy section, we can also see that this is not the highest values his synergies should give.

Synergy Bonuses:

Incoming - Aspiration - Megatronus
• Start the fight with 4~10 Titan Charges

Outgoing - Power Consumed - Megatronus
• +2~5% Critical Chance when Megatronus has more Power than the opponent

Mutual - Disciples - Nemesis Prime, Bludgeon
• +2~5% Power Gain when you have less Power than the opponent

Outgoing - Cityspeaker - Windblade
• +2~8% Power Gain from Sword Attacks

Outgoing - Titan Hunters - Thundercracker, Waspinator
• +2~6% Armor Piercing.

And if I open a 4* version of Megatronus we get this
Megatronus synergies are of 4* version but for Necrotronus it is of 3* version.
So I just want to know that whether is this intentional or just a mistake.


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