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Ban from discord

HoldonHoldon Posts: 58
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Like most game servers on discord: for example Asphalt 9, Asphalt 8, Call of Duty, etc. These games don’t not make bans permanent. Especially for a one time offenses. They are for a couple days. My discord ban has gone on for more then two weeks all because I tagged kabam v. Don’t know how to spell his/her name. I wonder if it’s because I’m a girl and not a man like most Players.. especially since I spend money on ingame items.. I will not spend another dime until my ban is reversed.


  • BOFADBOFAD Posts: 481
    I mean it has nothing to do with you being female. Lots of females play this game and don’t have any issues. Plus Vydious is also a female so we know more than likely they aren’t discriminating against you because of your gender.

    I suggest reading the rules section of discord prior to posting anything on there. You can ask a mod directly, not a kabam mod, but another mod like sky spray or deathstalker to see if they can help you.

    You can also do what others have done, create a different user name and rejoin the server, not recommending that just suggesting. but at the end of the day, it’s their server they can run it how they see fit. Whether that is into the ground or otherwise
  • Like I said, Kabam likes money and if they continue this ban then my money will be spent on other games that don’t life ban someone from a discord server for a first time offense, which was a tag of kabam v. Nothing more.. nothing offensive in nature just a tag. Very small for such a big company.. $$ rules. So if they want my 100$ a month then unban. Period. If not then call of duty gets my money. Simple as that. Rubberduckie out!!
  • No one cares, stop playing the victim.
  • we had an update on android 8.4.? or so, I was curious about the contents of the update! I looked who to ask, so I tag moderator and another one of those! what I got in answer: why did you tag us ... when my question was so clear! in short I only got weird answers like: "what" "why are you tagging us" blah blah blah. its almost went in the wrong direction. so luckily I don't use discord for transformers ever since. I had asked the same question here and got a nice answer from Kabam Mike. that is precisely someone who does his job well.
  • WTF has it got to do with it being a girl?
    Is this what people do nowadays, make excuses as to why their breaking a rule by saying "Oh, I'm black" "No, I'm an attack helicopter!"

    Vydious is a girl for God sake so stop making excuses about how you got banned!

    Also #Inb4close
  • "No, I'm an attack helicopter!"

    Bro, are you Airwolf?
  • JIMMY_SABJIMMY_SAB Posts: 1,008
    My advice is to speak directly with a Kabam moderator or with Kabam support. In doing so, you should first evaluate your comments and see if you can identify any rules that may have been violated (correctly or not, don’t think of it that way). From there, you can more sensibly make your case to be unbanned. It’s not about right and wrong at this point but instead coming to a resolution that favors your desire to be back in the server. Focus on those reasons and I think you will have a better outcome (eg. I want to be part of the community for the latest game info, I want to help other players learn, or I want to contribute pictures of my pets, etc.). It may seem counterintuitive or some admission of guilt but really the best path forward.

    Good luck.

    Kabam Contact Form:


    discord rules below:
    1. Treat each other with respect. Insults, personal attacks, harassment, inflammatory messages, or generally rude behaviour will not be tolerated. This includes the use of inappropriate, vulgar, discriminatory or offensive language of any kind.

    2. Off Topic messages, Spamming, or repeatedly posting the same message is not okay. Neither is making a comment that’s already been deleted . If a message is deleted, it is done so because it breaks one of these rules, so the moderator’s decision is final.

    3. Don’t post anything that breaks the law or Kabam’s terms of service, or encourage others to do so.

    4. Attempting to buy or sell an account, or linking to sites that offer these or any third party services that break our Terms of Service is prohibited.

    5. Promoting the abuse of payment, rating, refund of other systems is prohibited.

    6. Do not share or publicly post personal information with others. This includes your in-game, forum, or Discord account passwords, your physical address, or e-mail address. This applies to your own information, as well as information belonging to your fellow players, or Kabam staff. This is for your own safety, as well as for the safety of your accounts.

    7. Do not impersonate moderators, or pretend to be a representative of the game.

    8. Spreading conspiracy theories, false information, and rumors is not permitted.

    9. Respect the decisions of the Moderation team. The Moderation team’s decisions are “the last word”. Arguing with moderators about their decisions will not change the outcome of the decision. You may not publicly discuss any actions taken on your in-game, Forum, or Discord accounts by moderators or the support team.

    10. Calling out other players or Alliances is not allowed. This includes accusations of cheating or poor behaviour.```

    11. Discord is not the place to get one-on-one support. Our Community Team and Moderators receive a substantial number of private messages each day. We are not able to reply to all of these, and all urgent or account specific matters should be directed towards our customer support team here: http://kabam.force.com/PKB/KbContactUsForm This server is a place for discussion, and not for singular support.

    12. Shaming other players for their in-game decisions or lack of experience within The Fight will not be tolerated. We all start as noobs. If a player needs assistance, offer them your experience and insight!

    13. Do not excessively ping/mention users. Unless you know somebody is okay with being directly mentioned, do not directly ping them. Out of respect for each other, avoid using the @ function unless extremely necessary.

    14. Do not ping Admins/Mods/Devs. We are here and will be as active as possible with you, but do have other roles and responsibilities that we must attend to as well.

    15. Keep all content in appropriate channels. Each channel is marked appropriately for certain content use. Do not post spam, off-topic, and/or unnecessary banter in channels where it is not meant to be.

    16. No offensive or otherwise inappropriate nicknames and/or profile pictures. Discord is used for many purposes beyond this one Server. However, if you wish to join ours, your Nickname and Display Picture must be appropriate for all audiences.

    17. NSFW content is strictly prohibited in all channels of the Transformers: Forged to Fight Discord server.

    18. The officially supported language of this Discord Server is English. Please keep discussions in this server in English.
  • Regardless, unban or loss my $$.. this is a cash based business.. look up my account and see that I’m like the .01% that actually spends cash on this game.. my business comes with the knowledge that I tagged kabam about fog of war question that got me banned permanently... what? Word? No way.. I won’t take that form of abuse by a company that receives my financial support..
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,949
    What do you even have to do with the game? No one would truly care, if you, one unimportant player left the game to focus on a more important aspect of their life. You are simply a drop of water in an immense sea of energon. You spend what, $10 on this game? There are whales who spend more than you make in a year on this game. I apologize, @Holdon, but you are irrelevant.
  • Wow, that's extremely immature of you. These excuses are ridiculous, and your threats to Kabam are... Like, what? If you break the rules, then you're bound to get warned, muted, or banned. It's not because you're a girl, the money you spend on this game won't get you unbanned, and the rules are rules. @JIMMY_SAB posted the Discord rules, of which you probably broke.

    Not trying to sound "mean," or anything. Just my personal opinion, mixed with facts.
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 2,157
    So you see being banned on a Discord server as "abuse?"
    You must have a pretty charmed life. Btw, it would take more in payroll for them to actually respond to this tantrum than you probably spend on this game.
  • A ban on discord doesn't come from a single offense. Multiple rules would have been broken OR you were told to stop doing something and you didn't after being warned.This behavior is not welcome here or on the discord. If you have further issues regarding your ban you can discuss it with a mod/admin in private.
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