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The Transformers Forged to Fight community has officially moved to Discord. For all the latest news and updates, join us here!

Why the move to Discord?

I wonder why they’re choosing the route. I’m sure there’s more activity here than there is on their TFTF Discord server.

The only thing I can think of is that it’s much easier to hide bug postings as you notice there’s no bug report channel. Also, any post about a bug will get quickly hidden as other people chat in the channel.

Any new post about a bug will only show that one instead of the whole thread like they do in the forums. Much easier for them to go unnoticed by other players and ignored by people who should acknowledge and respond to them.

Okay okay. Not like bugs reported here get addressed anyways. But players will see them less and not know that there’re these existing issues.

Also, the chat in the channels are too distracting. Everybody talking about everything in one place. At least on the forums it’s categorized by thread. I can choose not to read the threads that are of no interest to me or just read them later if I’m bored.

Well, so long!


  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 2,485
    I wonder if they’ll let me keep this thread?
  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 2,485
    Is there really more activity on the Discord server than there is on this forum?
  • I much prefer the forums as well... I cant get discord so people like me who cant get discord are pretty much screwed
  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 2,485
    What I like about the forums, I can be away for most of the day and then come back and read what I want to read and see if there are any more comments in my threads.

    On Discord, pretty much all the stuff that I would have liked to read would have gotten buried and would be hard to weed out.
  • VoltronVoltron Posts: 998
    so they can hide the fact they aren't responding to any legit threads regarding the game. Any legit msg will be lost in the crap that goes on in discord
  • I disable global chat for the same reason I'm not on the discord. Bug/issue/request tracking shouldn't even begin to be done there. To do so says you care more about random people talking about random things among themselves than transparency about what is going on (good or bad).

    That said, this forum software on mobile is just awful
  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 2,485
    mlb5000 wrote: »
    That said, this forum software on mobile is just awful

    Still better than trying to get any conversation going on Discord.
  • Discord is our choice for primary communication on our games going forward, and we wanted to make that official for Transformers: Forged to Fight as well.

    Discord is already the most active hub of our Community, and we like the way that there's a more lively and active flow of conversation and activity. While many of us have gotten used to Forums (I am still learning how to us Discord), it's just a move that makes sense.

    Many many games have committed to using Discord as their Community channel of choice, and those communities continue to thrive. There's nothing sinister about this, but I definitely have to close this thread because of the conspiracy theories at play.
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