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Announcement: Big October Update!


Since the release of Transformers: Forged to Fight, there have been a number of advancements, adjustments and changes to the game. From granular adjustments like the changes to Alliance Mission rewards, to much larger changes like the introduction of Masteries!

Next month, we’re going to be making the biggest change in the history of the game, and things are gonna get really interesting in New Quintessa!

Get Newly Released Bots, Just by Playing!

This is gonna be big! You’ll no longer have to compete against each other in Arenas for a chance at a small pool of Featured Bots, or rely solely on Crystals for access to the newest arrivals to New Quintessa. Now, all you’ve gotta do is play!

Starting in October, we’ll be releasing one bot per month, and focussing the whole month on that Bot!

We started with our Featured Bot Raid events, and expanded on that idea by A LOT! You’ll now be earning Featured Bot Chips all month long, from everywhere! You’ll be able to earn them from Alliance Missions, Raids, Arenas, and Spotlight Missions, and use those to purchase 3-Star and 4-Star Versions of the Bot!

You’ll still be able to purchase the Featured Bot Crystal, which will now be available all month long!

Don’t get us wrong Commanders, it won’t be a day at the beach on the Sea of Rust to score those 4-Star Bots. You’re gonna have to work for it!

Big Changes to Arenas

A lot is shifting with Arenas. We’re smashing them all down, and rebuilding them from the ground up! Instead of a series of Arenas that last anywhere from 1 day to 3 Days, all Arenas will now only be 24 hours, eliminating the need to grind for 3 days in a row. Also! You’ll now only be competing against Commanders in your own Region in Arenas! More Arenas means more chances to win!

Arenas for the Featured Bots will be completely replaced with Arenas in which you can compete for more Featured Bot Chips. You’ll earn Featured Bot Chips from Milestones and Rank Rewards. We’ll run these everyday for 7 days in a row, twice monthly on the 2nd and 4th week, though this may change in future months.

Other weeks will feature a schedule of 7 Arenas, each of which will last 24 hours as well.

Monday: Tier 2 Alpha Spark Essence Arena
Tuesday: Mod Crystal Arena
Wednesday: Raid Arena
Thursday: Tier 3 Basic Spark Essence Arena
Friday: Crystal Arena
Saturday: Crystal Arena
Sunday: Crystal Arena

More challenging content in the Spotlight Missions!

Starting with our next Spotlight mission, we’re introducing an Expert Difficulty level! This is another difficulty level above Hard! Expect to find yourself coming up against Buffs like those in the Prime and Last Knight Challenge!

The top rewards that you’ll be fighting for in the Expert Difficulty right now are Tier 2 Alpha Spark Essence.

This is intended to be a difficulty level that players will grow into. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not able to complete the Missions just yet! We’ve also split the Tier 2 Alpha Essence for the difficulty over the Chapter and Act Mastery rewards, so you’ll be able to claim some resources to help you grow, even if you’re not able to fully Master the entire Mission.

Additionally, we’re gonna be releasing all 3 Chapters at once from now on, so you won’t have to wait a couple weeks before you can complete the entire Spotlight mission.

This ain’t gonna be easy, so be prepared to bring your A-Game!

A total Alliance Events Revamp!

We’re simplifying all the events that occur in the game, and giving each week more of a focus! You can look forward to having 3 new weekly events that are much more simple to understand and participate in.

Week 1 (first Thursday of the month) will focus on each month’s new Spotlight Mission.
Week 2 will focus on Alliance Missions and Featured Bot Chip Arenas
Week 3 will focus on Raids
Week 4 will focus on Alliance Missions and Featured Bot Chip Arenas

The schedule is always based off of the first Thursday of the Month. This may cause some variances depending on the month.

Additionally, we’re changing up one-day events to focus on Bot Classes. You’ll earn points by fighting with Bots of the Class and Ranking Up those Bots.

Monday: Brawlers
Tuesday: Warriors
Wednesday: Scouts
Thursday: Technician
Friday: Demolition
Saturday: Tactician
Sunday: Free For All!

Events will now also be starting at 12pm UTC (5 am Pacific Time, 8 am Eastern Time)

Changing up the Schedule for Alliance Missions

Instead of the current 5 Days on, 3 Days off schedule of Alliance Missions, we’re going to be switching to a 4 Days on, 3 Days off schedule, meaning that they’ll start and end on the same day every week. We’ve also reduced all the Milestone Point thresholds by 20% to match the reduction in days.

Starting October 5th, Alliance mIssions will start on Thursday at 5am Pacific Time and end on Sunday, before taking a breather. This means a longer than usual break between the Alliance Mission series that ran before it, so plan accordingly!

Adjustments to the Raiding System!

Currently, players that used to Raid but no longer do will be removed from matchmaking forever after being raided a few times. This has quite a few negative effects on our raid ecosystem, including draining the matchmaking pool (which increases the number of Quintesson Bases that appear). Without any way for the medals sitting stale in these accounts to make their way to other Commanders, once one of those Idle Commanders gets near the top of the pool, they can stay there indefinitely. Meaning those Commanders that are actively climbing the Raid Leaderboards are not able to take their rightful spots at the top!

Moving forward, we’ll be introducing a Scaling Raid Defense System. With this new system, a Base will no longer be removed from matchmaking forever but instead will be available more frequently as you attack other players, and less frequently as your Base gets attacked. A successful defense will count towards preventing attacks for a longer period of time, meaning a strong defense will be keeping you safe for longer and longer as well as rewarding you with Raid Chips.

The highest frequency for attacks has not changed from what it currently is. The lowest frequency for an active player will take over three days for a single attack to occur on your Base and whether you fail or succeed at that defense you will not experience another attack for over another three days!

But what if you can’t access the game for an extended period of time? If you can’t play for a while, your Base will be made unavailable in matchmaking for over a week at a time. A single success or fail on defense will keep your Base out of matchmaking for over another week each time.

This is to ensure that Raid Medals and Chips continue to flow in the economy, and to open up the stale Raid positions for the active players that deserve to be there.

Rotating Items in the Raid Store!

It’s coming! What’s included? We’re not gonna say yet, but watch out for something different in the Raid Store every day!


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