Gripe About Masteries

I'm not really excited about, and definitely not happy about the new masteries. Its not their release, but the fact that it takes the mastery widget to unlock them at a cost of 300 energon each. Meaning once again that the guys that spend hundreds on this game are going to have considerable advantages over the players that don't. Raids and Arenas with win streaks over 12, can be challenging enough, but give the AI even more abilities, or abilities that negate or seriously impair any advantage the player may have doesn't make the game more fun it just serves as a reminder that most players aren't paying Kabam enough money (to get the energon to get the doohickey to unlock the mastery). If a mastery is something we get with each level after 15, how about actually giving it instead of making it conditional with opening our wallets? We're not even earning them anymore, just earning the opportunity to pay for them.

Yes, I understand Kabam wants money, everyone does, that's why its called money. But this is also a game, and games are supposed to be fun, and it just doesn't seem to be fun to have to fork out money just to maybe be on even footing with someone else and when you're grinding for hours for crappy rewards that have gotten crappier because you don't have more than 2 or 3 hours a day to play the game while someone else who has thousands of energon from spending hundreds of dollars and doesn't have a job, a wife or a life can sit around playing all day and night. I don't mind spending some here and there for this deal or that, but to have my enjoyment of the game reduced because someone else outspends me (on time or money) which sets the bar for rewards way too high for most people to achieve just isn't right.

How about Kabam setting a separate tier or group for the "50+ per week club" (spending more than $50 or 50 hours a week on the game), that way those that don't/won't/can't can have a shot at winning the 1%-10% ranks, being among the top 10 players, winning the events, etc.? Rather than the same groups and the same players pushing out everyone else every time. And how about setting it up so that for daily events, any player can win the top few brackets only once a week, and maybe only once a month for weekly or bi-weekly events? There could be a cut-off or something so that a player can only hit those top spots once a week or month. That would still let them get awesome rewards, but also wouldn't cut out the other players that can't get those spots because they are regularly outspent by others.


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    Rants are against forum rules, and this is close, but there are some constructive suggestions here so it's okay to stay. It has the potential to draw us into an inescapable singularity of negativity, though, so I'll be closing it to prevent a landslide. Rest assured, though, the feedback is very appreciated and it is absolutely being heard.
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