Super slow motion & AI takeover?

Don't know how to explain this better. This just happened for the second time(arena), last time was in story mode. So fight starts in super slow motion and I have no control over my bots


  • No choice but to close app and restart.
  • This keeps happening in arena, can we please have a look. Why doesn't this happen during crappy mod arena?
  • I see what you mean. It almost looks like they're standing still, they're moving so slow.

    In all seriousness though, I remember a similar bug happening on the iPad Mini, at least what I'm seeing visually on yours. The special meter would white out like yours, but every ranged shot fired would just hang in mid-air and you couldn't sidestep up or down, just front step, back step.

    What device are you playing on?
  • Exactly what's happening on my, you guessed it, iPad mini OS 10.3.30. Only block works, no directional control or attack
  • I ain't so good splainin stuffs
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    This happens to me way too often. Any time the game lags/ gets slow, the auto fight AI turns on. I think this was designed to keep the bot active but it's a hazard for me because I have to go turn it off. It's only a second to do so, but that's all the enemy needs to land what ever they have ready. Since I raid a lot, that's often an AH modded Grindor with a S2 helicopter blade of pain and misery.

    Personally, I would like an option to disable the auto fight button to avoid these occurrences or accidental activation.
  • Hey gang -

    I'm sorry to see y'all are running into this issue. Definitely annoying. :(

    I'd like to pass this along to our teams. Can everyone seeing this problem please let me know what devices you're using and what OS version they're running?
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    @Kabam Vydious Hey boss, the forums are overflowing with these issues and I even started a thread last week about the lag. I really don't think its device related unless you want to tell me that we can only run this game on future phones with octo-core processors. I am hearing these problems from people with all different kinds of devices.

    We need some kind of compensation along with assurance this will be fixed. We have spent way too much effort and time trying to get through content with issues like this and we can't just hold off until they are completely fixed or we will miss our shot because of event time limitations.

    Considering I'm running the game on a Pixel XL, new iPad and on occasion an s6 and every single one runs like crap in a different way...

    Yeah, it isn't our devices.
  • I have this happen to me literally multiple times a day. Last night alone over half a dozen times within just a couple hours of each other. This frickin sucks! My phone is an LG Stylo 2, not great, but used to run the game really good. Even with apps to clean/boost my phone this still happens.

    Something lately I noticed though is that some fights will start off normal or slightly fast like in a slow "fast forward", and they will speed up greatly for about 10-15 seconds. When a fight goes like this, toward the end of the fight, it will slow down to a crawl for me, while the enemy bot can move and act at regular speed. This almost always results in me losing the match.

    Speed-ups aside, I;m noticing that the AI getting faster than me is occuring with greater frequency and that bug that happens where all the bot details (power rating, health, attack, etc.) disappear from the screen before the match starts and locks in my bot with the highest power level or health total and I can't change it. The only way I can get out of that is by shutting the game down on the spot and reloading or rebooting my phone.

    My son plays on an iPhone 6+ or something like that and the game runs MUCH better for him, but he's still hit with these bugs too! And its happening more and more often with him as well.
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    Nexus 6 Android 7.1.1. Just found out my device is EOL for Google which sucks and might have something to do with my problems. If that's the case, it'd be nice to know. But, several people in my alliance and obviously on the forums seem to agree that lag and crashing issues are worse than ever post 4.0. Me and a member in my BG are crashing at the loading screen in AM and receiving the health penalty on the very very best of days, 50% of the time, and receiving the hp penalty 95% of the time. He's running a fully updated S8+.

    It was that way for me in am in the beginning days of the game, then it was fixed, now it's returned worse than ever with 4.0.

    Sorry to hijack the lag thread with crashing stuff. I just hope it's being addressed and I hope we hear something about it. I'd rather be told that certain devices/operating systems will be incompatible going forward than having to wait around not knowing.
  • I'm running iPad mini and still using iOS 10.3.30 or because I'm afraid of things getting worse if I go to iOS 11.
    I know I bring a lot of theses issues up so I just wanted to say I'm doing my best to keep things civil. It's in no way my intention to start a bash on the devs with these threads. I will admit I do get a bit steamed from time to time. Carry on gents.
  • Nexus 6P, Android 8.0.0, security patch Nov 5th
    Slow motion and freezes happen to me almost once per fight in arena, raid and a.m.
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