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Whenever you want to put him, this Bot NEEDS to be in F2F...

Predacon_OrderPredacon_Order Posts: 257
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FACTION: Decepticon.
CLASS: Demolitions.

Born as Damus, a Bot with the abillity to render non-sentient machinery inoperative, the outlier known as Glitch has been punished with the tradiction of empurata and eventually reshaped into a deceptive, violent form. Rebuilt in a battle set-up by the Decepticons once he joined them, the reckless leader of the Decepticon Justice Division - Tarn - is willing to do anything for his idol and master Megatron.

Some would say that Tarn is so reckless and influenced by Megatron's "literary quotes", that he can adjust the degree of his voice and talk other Bots until their very sparks decay and give up living.
75% chance to trigger upon being in Melee distance to the opponent. This Buff lasts for 20 seconds and causes Tarn's next Special Attack to be awarded a 20%~80% Damage boost and consume the Buff. If "Talk You to Death" triggers when the opponent's Health drops below 10% while Tarn is Enraged, there is a 85% chance that the opponent is K.O.d instantly.
Please, @Kabam Miike, tell it to the team. I'm pretty sure Tarn deserves a place in the game, matterless if he hasn't showed up during the Prime Wars Trilogy. I'm also sure a lot of people agree on that.


  • Not the perfect time for prime.... but kablam never disappoints.
  • Predacon_OrderPredacon_Order Posts: 257
    edited April 2018


    - Tarn has a 0.7% chance for each percentage of lost Health to become Unstoppable for 3 seconds when knocked down.

    (Double) Fusion Cannon
    - The Fusion Cannon takes 6 seconds to charge 3 Full Power Heavy Attacks that travel significantly faster and deal 20%~30% more damage.
    - Full Power Heavy Attacks permanently Fuse a debuff inflicted by Megatron’s Special Attacks to the opponent. Only one debuff of each type can be Fused.

    - If Fusion Cannon hits the opponent, there is a 30%~55% chance to infect him with Glitch for 10~30 seconds, draining his Health percentage equivalent to 2% of the Damage he deals per basic attack hit.
  • @ladysman_417 Tarn is from G1.
  • 3zvy27mwwaac.png

    Just a more 3D look. He is one of the strongest Decepticons - specially as leader of the DJD. Definetly strong enough to match Optimus Prime, though that never happened. Well, as soon as we have him in F2F, it isn't too late to happen. :D
  • Hey Predacon_Order,

    DonApis kindly provided a link where there is already an ongoing discussion regarding character suggestions for the game. I do see that you have commented on that thread already linking to this post but I am going to close this thread so if you would like to edit your comment by posting there the content that you posted here that would help with keeping the forums organized. Thanks!
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