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AM History View

It would be great if we could view the Alliance Mission (AM) history when AM is not active. I know that the history is accessible during an AM, but some of us that are addicted to spreadsheets, might like the ability to collect our numbers during the off period!


  • TrailfireTrailfire Posts: 590
    Yes! Thanks for raising this. It's a minor but regular irritant that you can't do that

    Given how well the team just showed they're listening and responding to feedback, I'm sure it will work it's way in soon
  • SmirkyDrewSmirkyDrew Posts: 118
  • SchapenkopSchapenkop Posts: 14
    Bump, that would be awesome indeed. Actually it should be a mandatory fix in next release!

    While we're at it, I hate not being able to exactly see where everyone is in AM on a Map! if someone is far behind I can't guide them which path to take. Or to see what path we missed?
  • BrownLoserBrownLoser Posts: 10
    And it helps in spying too. Absolutely needed.
  • In the next major update, there's a new screen available after the Alliance Mission ends that'll let you view your final rank, rewards, and view history for each day for all your spreadsheet management needs. :)
  • Sweet, that's great news, Kavs.
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