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Nemesis Prime

Simple question....will there be another opportunity to get a 4s 5s Nemesis Prime?


  • NickelzNickelz Posts: 13
    I must say , to place in the top 1-2% in every arena during this event....I doubt I'll participate in any arena anymore regardless of how sweet the pot may become in other events.....I can see if I got at least 1 4s or 5s but to get all dupes is robbery.....and to think if you buy energon to use for Crystals is garbage because you still come up short.....ima just help my ALLIANCE in AMs and that's it forget your special events its worthless
  • If we are gonna have reskins we should at least be able to get them using bot chips. But i think there will be an event to get nemesis again
  • At the moment the ways mentioned in his report are how you can gain him within your Roster. If we decide to change that in the future, we'll ensure y'all will be the first to know.
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