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Superion Combiner bots

Silver bot

This bot class is technical tantrum. This bot each ranged heavy attack will do electric damage 5% of opposite not health and stuns for 3 seconds sp 1 like ramjet action but shots a mesile that have to stun for 2 seconds and cause 5% health lose and 5% Shock damage over 10 seconds sp 2 like starsscream so 1 but shoots in blue flaming missiles and stuns aponent for 5 seconds and inflicts shock damage for 10 % over 10 seconds special attack 3 transforms goes top and transforms to not mod then shots a 3 missiles from top that inflicts shock 25% of health over 25 seconds deals 5% damage immediately and 6 seconds stun the opponent

Fire fly

This bot is a low ranged bot heavy attack will flame opponent causes burn damage and this bot is having 50 % burn proof armor. This bot normal shots are low ranged only flames opponents deals burn damages 3% life for each burn . special attack 1 is copy of tantrum sp 1 same damage lvl sp 2 1 punch on face and fires flames on another hand sp 3 flying top in alt mode and throws fire bombs from the top

Sky dive

This bot is a slow shooter shoot style is like ultramagnus this bot can block all shots no damage while it takes ranged and ranged heavy attacks this bot sp 1 is shots in machine gun in 2 hands sp 2 is jumping on top and shots 2 nuclear missiles sp 3 is flying on top targets a nuclear missile and delivers its effect will flame and burn opponent


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