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  • UrAverageMalaka wrote: » Grindor bad. And i mean really bad. Both Primes how ever are extremely good but OG wins it for me Edit: Upgrade MV1 because you have more synergies with him. Grindor is far from bad...he is a tank and a power house…
  • Do the Hard mission, guaranteed T2C spark or rerun the Medium mission after you complete it (only rerun the right path though).
  • seeker1321 wrote: » I realize that the bots get harder the longer the win streak in Arena, but this seems a little excessive for a 7 win streak to me. Three r2 5* with a difficulty level of medium. I have seen a single r1 5* in a medium level b…
  • Synthwave wrote: » You need to do a mission with a team that has a combined rating of over 30,000 PI. In other words, five rank 5 4 star bots (most likely max forged or close to it) and some decent T3 relics equipped. It can be done though. …
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  • AnakinPrime wrote: » I also noticed it has been pulled... Strange.. It was a 1 week event. That week has passed.
  • Tough wrote: » you have to be level 40 to get the new crystals. I am level 53 and I don't have it.
  • Manthro wrote: » that1guy wrote: » FamiGami wrote: » Manthro wrote: » if you don't have a team that can earn t3c from spotlight missions then you aren't in a position to need t3c anyway. Finding a good alliance can be tough, but the be…
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  • Another quality Alliance Crystal:
  • There's already a thread about this. I would add your feedback to it since this one will get closed.. https://forums.transformersforgedtofight.com/discussion/4837/so-no-more-24hr-alliance-crystal#latest
  • Beerguzzler wrote: » His repair mod is a royal pain. I used windy on him, worked awesome. If not use a DOT bot with a heavy bleed. Yeah, my mains with him were Rhinox and WB. The bleed from those two help a ton when he was repairing. Prowl …
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  • R4 3* or 4*? Do you have Windblade on that team?
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  • I think you just like polls.
  • I wouldn't go as far as saying "It's their servers" causing the issue. TBH, there are thousands of people playing the game that are not experiencing what you are which is likely why it may be environmental (specific to your device and/or settings). …
  • Darm0k wrote: » XhibitA wrote: » This is my pull from the alliance crystal this morning.. I think you’re supposed to take him into the next AM. One hitter quitter right there
  • This is my pull from the alliance crystal this morning..
  • The only time I use revenge is when I clearly see someone cheated to beat my base. I then spam that revenge button until it allows me to smash their sorry little base filled with 2-3* bots. That and if an alliance members hits me. I'll revenge th…
  • The relic does say +4% Attack and Health in raids. So it likely only has an effect while you are raiding other bases. Have you tried raiding with and without it? Edit: Kudos on grinding that one out too!
  • Tough wrote: » Can you guys add a 5* featured bot in raid store for like 500k featured bot chips or something? Would be awesome to have something to work for...the 4* bot 100k chips is too easy. Well the 100k 4* is pretty easy but getting 1…
  • Darm0k wrote: » Does doing revenge (when it works) use a raid ticket? I've never bothered with revenge so I don't know. Yes
  • Gold has been an issue for a while now and will continue to be an issue. For example, I have been working on fully R4ing Kickback for three days now and I am only 23/40 or somewhere around there. P.S. Nice bars @DrShotgun, you called that one.
  • This has been an ongoing issues that they have not resolved since day one. At this point I doubt they will ever fix it. What I have found is that if you want to spend the time, you can spam the revenge button over and over and eventually you will…
  • Last_Frontier wrote: » Most likely you're American and he's not. The price difference is easily explainable with a built in currency conversion. Or https://forums.transformersforgedtofight.com/discussion/4823/regarding-price-discrepancy-…
  • Manthro wrote: » Until players into an r4/r5 HA or LGM... Or Scout Sentry/robot resource. Then the crying will begin all over again. I suspect quite a few players will pay to increase their ability to stop raid attempts. Likely, but they…
  • SteelSH wrote: » @XhibitA heres you answer for the t2 mod sparks. I think its super over priced Yuuuuup, just saw that stupified offer.
  • The team...the team...the team.
  • Disregard, this has been fixed.
  • Rhinox is a killer.
  • Right. Rather than replacing T2 mod sparks with T1 mod sparks like they said they did, they basically unlocked the ability to R4 3* mods by removing just that one T2 mod sparks requirement. This in return applies to the 4* mods since an R2 4* mod is…
  • Darm0k wrote: » Just wondering if anyone has come across a r3 4 star mod yet. I haven’t really been paying attention, but I haven’t the times I have. You can't R3 them since it requires T2 mod crystals. That's the whole point of this post.
  • Last_Frontier wrote: » that1guy wrote: » If you're spending gold that much gold, it's not inherently the game's fault for your overspending. I field a solid roster and do regular upgrades and I never find my self spending as much gold as you…