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  • Synthwave wrote: » Something new I'm trying out on the channel guys; would love your input: This blew me away. This is the most creative fighting I've ever seen in this game. Very fun to watch and listen to. I'd heard that Jetfire …
  • His spc1 does alot of damage if his health is real low and his sig is active. It should be physical but 10k is still alot against the galve mini. If you have the assassin mastery active it can probably ignore his physical resistance.
  • ^^^^ And yah he has the swordmasters synergy. Run him with a team full of bots with the swordmasters synergy and enjoy the massive crit damage.
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  • Faithz17 wrote: » Do sharks have a healing synergy? How does your shark withstand 200+ hits?? Yah if you run an all shark team you heal 3% per shark when you launch a spc3.
  • Lol you might have. Thats a good fight. Nice 427 streak. I hope cactus isn't too much. If you had a 5* brawler you'd be set. I was wrong about the crit rate bonus btw. Sharks have a synergy similar to the leadership synergy. They all give dif…
  • Lol thanks but this makes me nervous because I don't know squat about it. I'll pass on the update until I have to do it. Thanks for the heads up.
  • I'll not download this until I have to. The game ran perfectly for me before 7.0. LG g7 android 8. Maybe I'll try to test it but whats this apk thing that would allow me to download the older version in case it goes bad @Manthro ?
  • @BlackRazak There's a link to his requirments guide page. He has tons of devices listed in there that he has tested and run the game great. He hasn't been as ac…
  • It's one point. Once you "break through," as long as you run a strong enough team you'll only face easier squads, but also, at a certain point, a.i. strength increases. Darmok mentioned that he ran into a jay32 death squad running 4/40 sharks. Sh…
  • At around 15 or 16 or so streak you "break through." The term was coined in mcoc. You'll see megatronus and Optimus teams there, then you'll draw easy teams from there on out as long as you run a strong enough squad. If you run a weak enough squa…
  • Do it. Tact shark could handle grindor. Brawler shark might be able to handle cactus as long as you can reach spc3 fast enough. I'd want him to be r5. Problem is sharks also have a 15% crit rate synergy when you run them together.
  • No. It was this one.
  • Just happened to me too. I've never seen this. LGg7 thinq android 8.
  • But mercs would still do that. I understand and agree with basically everything you're saying but I belive it's set the way it is for a reason. There is an infinite laundry list of exploits that can be applied if they loosen things up. I think al…
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  • Disgruntled mcoc rage quitter here. I was excited for a fresh start and to be able to get into a game right at the start. This game blows mcoc away. Mcoc is great, don't get me wrong, but I've downloaded it a couple times recently and I find the …
  • If there's another one I bet it'll be for tronus. It's a rare event. The game has been here for two years and the event has happened only twice.
  • Tronus is still op. His nerf was like a fart in the wind. Actually this is probably a popular opinion. People who have him are still happy and the devs can say they did something.
  • The shortness and simplicity of this map and short maximum point total doesn't make sense. I think map four is coming.
  • Og gets the rollout heal pretty reliably when his hp is real low. And he still gets it when his attack buffs from a previous rollout are active. It does feel like there is something to that though. He also won't get rollout heals successively. …
  • We've seen hacked aim enhancer before, a long time ago. An alliance mate of mine remembered it. It randomizes ranged speed.
  • Launch your spc2 without hitting the opponent then they'll bounce off of the force field thingy, then finish them. I do that from time to time.
  • Prowl's you back step right at the blasts. Wasp's you sidestep. The key with these is positioning. If they catch you while you're sidestepping or backstepping you're screwed. You have to be ready for them. Shockwave's spc2 you just swipe down a…
  • I don't get enough of them. I have dry spells in alliance crystals where I don't get any for a week, then the savages in my bg hog all the fights.
  • Hi this is skynet speaking, we've found that saving until a spc3 isn't always the best option. (Terminator joke for those who don't know)
  • AM refills haha. Probably unrealistic but maybe as a rare drop?
  • They need to bring in miles finch. For real though, christopher nolan. Transformers legit needs a good movie.
  • BlackRazak wrote: » @asparagus throttling. The SD845 FAR exceeds A9, A10 and is on par with the A11 in terms of Graphical capability, but manufacturer throttling of adreno GPUs is not uncommon (adreno 630 in your case, >800MHz). Samsung has…
  • Framerate. FPS. Frames per second. Its interesting that its never discussed in ios vs. Android debates but not surprising because its only for apps like tftf where its an issue. Even the fastest androids are way behind. An iphone 5 has faster …
  • Most of the time we play this game with the sound turned off while we're busy but if you've never played it with a good set of headphones you're missing out.