Introducing: Alliance Missions

Greetings Commanders!

The time is near. Introducing, Alliance Missions!

In Alliance Missions, you and your Alliance will split into Battlegroups to simultaneously take on a challenging map together! Alliance Missions will push you to communicate, organize and attack as a team to make your way through a Map full of new challenges.

The Alliance leader or an officer can select the Map and Difficulty for the Mission. There are currently 2 maps to choose from; The Forgotten Ruins and the Shattered Lands. Each of these maps offer a level of Challenge, and differing rewards.

The Difficulty level for each map is also configurable, which allows the alliance to select the perfect difficulty for their members. Move the slider back and forth to view the recommended team rating for the difficulty level of the selected Map, as well as preview the rewards available if it is completed. As you move the slider back and forth between difficulties, you’ll see the colour of the difficulty change to represent how well your Alliance is suited for that difficulty level.

Increasing the difficulty of the map increases the required resource cost to run the map. This is where your Alliance Treasury comes in. Donate Gold and Loyalty to your treasury that you can use to open an Alliance Mission. Choosing how much to donate and what difficulty level is right for your alliance is up to you!

Next, you’ll separate into Battlegroups. If your Alliance has a full roster of 18, you’ll be able to split into 3 full Battlegroups of 6 Commanders. Each Battlegroup will take on the same map, but separately. Your objective is to take down the Boss at the very end, while exploring as much of the Map as possible.

Along the way, you’ll run into Linked Nodes and Mods. Linked Nodes are Mods that supply a boost to a different node somewhere on the map. Once the Bot on the node supplying the boost is taken down, the Bot receiving the boost will no longer get the benefits of the mod. This means that communication will be key as you and you Alliance decide how you will divide and conquer. In order to make the Map as manageable as possible, you will need to take down nodes for your Alliance Mates, and you’ll need to rely on them to do the same for you. Be prepared! Although there are some Bots you might be able to beat with the node on them still active, there are some that will be VERY difficult unless they are removed! You’ve been warned!

Just exploring as much of the map as possible will earn you Gold and Loyalty, but beating the final Boss will earn you and your Alliance even more Gold and Loyalty rewards, determined by the difficulty of the map selected, and earn shards that form crystals with a variety of desirable prizes by exploring every path! The harder the difficulty you choose, the more Shards you can win!

What else can you get from Alliance Missions? You can earn Milestone and Ranked Rewards! The points earned are determined by your Difficulty. You can earn some rewards just by hitting the Milestones, but the greatest rewards are saved for the Alliances that Rank the highest! Note, there is a small level of randomness to it, since Sharkticons are randomly selected and can award slightly higher or lower points than others.

Alliance Missions will run on a series cadence. This means that they will be available for a set of days, followed by an off period for a few days. This means that Alliance Missions will be available for 5 days, and then take 3 days off.

So when can you expect to see Alliance Missions available in game? They’ll be starting this Friday, April 14th at 5pm PDT! The first round will not be the full 5 days, but will be available for a 3-day period, then the regular cadence will commence!

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