Hi NOT the one you buy with energon but the one with shards OK i never pull eny thing it should be called to premium 2 star crystal inightskys the youtuber that plays your game made a video of him opening 80 crystal premium shards ALL HE GOT WAS 2 STARS NOT A SINGLE 3 OR 4 STAR HE MADE ANOTHER ONE HE GOT NOTHING EXPLAIN TO ME HOW THE RATES OF THIS CRYSTAL ARE FREAKING LOW PLEASE TELL ME KABAM


  • TerminalTerminal Posts: 434
    formatting aside, he has a point, the rates for PBC shards definitely seems to be different from pure PBC. I've clearly seen it comparing my own and from countless videos of streamers.
  • MegatronMegatron Posts: 17
  • ha6gchsq7xyq.png

    Lol you say it as I pull a 4star from a shard prem. It would stand to reason shards have less chance of s good pull as they are much easier to collect than full crystals
  • I opened 30 crystal shard pbc’s and Got all two stars... (Also what’s a shrad?)
  • xJamesssxJamesss Posts: 21
    i didnt pull a 4* from any premium or special crystal, only from 4* bot crystals and i play since April
  • kelsuskelsus Posts: 15
    edited October 13
    I have also never pulled a 4* from a "premium" anything and I've been playing since launch.

    I assume the chance is something like 0.1% - 0.4% in the crystal and 0.01% - 0.04% in the shard (misplaced decimal maybe?).
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 944
    edited October 13
    One of my guys a beta player just finally pulled his first 4* from pbc recently

    So yes odds are extremely low but he has plenty of 4* from earning the 4* shards

  • Drake6401Drake6401 Posts: 116

    I think this may be the case as well. I've only gotten about five 3 stars from shard premium crystals total. Crystals I got from the Shockwave and Galvatron specials yielded much better results.
  • BlazinhobbsBlazinhobbs Posts: 120
    Ive gotten 1 4* from pbc and been playing since the launch not the beta but it was Mixmaster lol of course you guys will make the worst bot a higher chance of getting lol all good though a 4* is a 4* I'll take it. I do like Mixmasters special attacks since you mafe changes to him a while back but he needs higher basix damage and so does ratchet sorry to get off topic thats another discussion
  • BlazinhobbsBlazinhobbs Posts: 120
    Basically saying premium crystals are a joke i would never use energon on them
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 290
    They should be called 2* crystals
  • SabugenSabugen Posts: 34
    so far gotten 3 4* from the pbc and a few 3 * in 6 months or so
  • TerminalTerminal Posts: 434
    the shard crystal should be renamed, because with the same name it's misleading as people will think they have the same rates, but they don't.

    That or the rates are bugged.
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