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I started playing this game and love it, but once I connected my game to a kabam account I can no longer play. When I go to start a story mission I get the network connection error. My connection is fine, everything else works, every other game works. Even this game works when I start over and play without a kabam account. Any ideas how to fix this issue? My device is compatible and updated. The only support response I've gotten was standard generic reply


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    If I'm not signed into kabam I can play just fine. Dumb.
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    Same here. Signed in to my kabam account and it's saying network connection error. Frustrating because I enjoyed it
  • That certainly isn't what should happen. :neutral: Can you please try closing the app, then swiping to close the recently opened apps, and try again? If this continues, please post some additional information so we can get our team looking at it! We'll need:

    Make/Model of Device:
    Current OS Version:
    Current Game Version:
    Is this happening on WiFi or Cellular Data (or both):
    Troubleshooting steps you've tried so far:
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    Shut the app down same issue.

    Device:iPhone 7 +
    OS: 10.3.2
    Version: 1.1.1

    Happens on all types of connections.

    I've closed and reopened the app. I've tried turning off gamecenter. I've uninstalled entirely and reinstalled. I've done several phone reboots.
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    Screenshot from my device. Posting via mobile so hopefully it works.
  • Hey All,

    The team is currently investigating this situation.

    @cabuckn, our records show you have now been able to log in. Is this the case?
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    I've been logged in. It's when I logged in I started getting the errors.

    I still cannot play.
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    This happens after about 1 minute of being "in game". s3qlg24laro7.png
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    So now I'm posting on this thread too.


    I haven't been able to play the game for over 15hrs now. I am able to log in and always have. Everytime I touch any button on the screen in the game the game freezes. If I do nothing long enough, the game says I have lost my connection.

    There is an alert at the bottom of my screen that says "Problems connecting to network. Please check your connection."

    I am on an iPhone 7 Plus which is running IOS 10.3.2. I have tried connecting via cellular LTE network and also several different wifi networks.

    I am having zero connection issues with any of the other apps I run on my phone. So this is on Kabam's end.

    I have tried closing the app and restarting it, restarting my phone, and also deleting and then reinstalling the app. So far none of these things have worked.

    I am missing out on a lot of play time and A LOT OF REWARDS from the arenas and also I am being kept from helping in my Alliance Mission. I don't know what else I can say.
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    Here are photos of the alert on screen.585eqexkb8bo.png
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    Another photo.
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    Guess there is no development...
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    I've got the issue but noticed it's account specific. On my level 25 account it was working without an issue but my 4 yr olds level 30 account wouldn't connect. So I logged into my device with his account and boom I got the same problem. It's definitely account specific cause now I can't log out of the faulty account so have two devices down at the moment.
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    It's probably a good thing cause I was probably spending too much money on both accounts. This break will probably serve a good purpose lol.
  • I'm having the same problem but when I open it up, it says connect problems and I've done everything possible, trying the app on a different device and still have the same problem. I'm missing out on a lot and hopefully you fix this problem soon. It's getting annoying and I would like to play the app...
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    Can an admin or someone give us an update?
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    Must have something to do with the server maintenance. I'll wait til admins have had a chance to find it what's happening and get it fixed, will go watch some porn or something
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    Btw can login and use a bit more of the game now just can't do much
  • Yeah same, I can do a little more but it will freeze up after you do something.
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    Still no update? This is getting a bit ridiculous.
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    Any chance you could log out my accounts. Going to log in a different account to play while u guys try to fix this.
  • Any update on the app?
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    edited June 2017
    Any update on the app?

    Probably in Wednesday there going to be a update for the game.
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    Fingers crossed that solves it as I've been having the same problem since the 9th as well!
    Support ticket logged, but as with others on this thread have only received generic responses with generalised "advice" that anyone would have already tried prior to contacting support in the first place!

    Here's hoping!
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    I don't mind if you can't fix the issue so if it makes it any easier just refund all my purchases on my account. Thank you.
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    Just installed the update for iPhone. Still having these issues. It's been a week. I think I'm going give up. I trusted that this update would fix these issues.
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    The update is not live yet
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    So it lets us download it and install it? When will it go live?
  • MaxBebopMaxBebop Posts: 420
    15 mins
  • cabuckncabuckn Posts: 9
    It's live. I'm in game now. Thanks Kabam
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