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  • Re: Will this get me 4 star?

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    You can open crystals whenever you want. Conservation of crystals doesn’t mean anything. People on YouTube do it for entertainment value.

    Then how do they get few 4 star and few 3 star. I still have no 4 star.

    If you want to pull a 4* from PBC, you need to ride a unicycle in reverse under the 1/4 moon while chanting "Baa-weep-graa-naa-weep-ninny-bon" and blasting "the touch" by Stan Bush.


    A very useful tip. It helped me out a lot when i was starting out
  • Re: Explain this

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    Yes, diabolically evil Kabam plotting against everyone in raids... Lol

    Ahh the fanboy pay to plays come out in full force with yet another idiotic post

    Says the one who made a pointless thread.
  • Re: Jolt Idea?!

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    Pretty sure every transformer is existence has been suggested by now. Completely asinine.
    Lol. The fact that people are still suggesting the same bots over and over again is pretty asinine on it’s own.
  • Re: The 3 star last knight challenge is to hard

    That is the point genius didn’t you read the other flipping post? The admin clearly stated “These missions are not meant to be easy”
    That is why it’s called a “Challenge” also it depends on your Bots and skill you haven’t even attempted the Rank 5 4*s In The 4* Challenge have you? Just imagine how that is like. The reason you’re losing is because either you’re a terrible player or your Bots are incapable. If I Can do it with Level 30/30 3*s you Can too.