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Is it worth buying 4* bots from the store?

I currently have nine 4* bots, though not one of each category. Should I buy more from the store using 100,000 Bot Chips or should I wait for 1000,000 Bot chips? I've only been playing a few weeks, but I reckon it'd take me about 3 months. I don't feel an urgency to get more 4* bots as such, but is one 5* bot worth the time and 10 4* bots?


  • Down_UnderDown_Under Posts: 149
    A maxed out forge 100 rank 5 4*will be better than a rank 2 5*.
  • UmairKhan05UmairKhan05 Posts: 167
    Down_Under wrote: »
    A maxed out forge 100 rank 5 4*will be better than a rank 2 5*.

    I agree with @Down_Under . It all depends on ur primary needs. If u hv a maxed out 4* roster which includes all the primary bots u always need, u should try investing in 5 stars, but remember that u should hv the high amount of resources needed to rank up 5* bots. U won't like investing 1M chips in a 5 star bot which when u buy will be sitting on R1 for a long time. Instead, 10 4-stars would be worth more here. Remember that at a later stage in the game u will eventually be full of all the resources u need for a 5-star. I would suggest u to wait for now if u haven't opened a single 5 star bot crystal. You will get it eventually if u haven't. Levelling up the bot u get will tell u that how much resources are needed and if they are more than what u can gather, then u should wait for some more time. When I rejoined the game, which was in Mid March I had none of my 4 stars on R5. So first I focused on getting almost 9 to 10 4 stars maxed out. After that only I went for investing in the 5 stars and that worked out really well for me. Hope this helps you out. Good Luck! :)
  • KonvoyKonvoy Posts: 62
    @Down_Under @UmairKhan05 thanks for those answers. that's pretty much the exact info I was looking for.
  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,812
    @Konvoy I'd like to add that 4*s will serve you extremely well when going for arena multipliers, even after you've scored a 5* roster.
    Keep em around, and only forge away the bots you absolutely see no value in.

    Maxed out 4*s also greatly help out on away missions, and terrific for practice (once you've achieved the mentioned 5* roster). The R5 versions are enough to populate the upcoming (in your case) 5* shards away missions.

    Lastly, I actually find playing with 4*s on difficult missions and spotlights the perfect training for your future 5* s in RoK missions!

    Good luck and be patient buddy
  • TechnobotTechnobot Posts: 661
    Down_Under wrote: »
    A maxed out forge 100 rank 5 4*will be better than a rank 2 5*.

    I’ll go even further... A maxed out forge 100 rank 5 4* bot can be better than a Rank 3, 5*... right, Megatronus?
  • SilverZASilverZA Posts: 363
    Your choice.
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