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Who Should I rank up?

I have to make the choice between these 2. Both have around the same stats and both are unawakened

Who Should I rank up? 13 votes

ThuleVanya 2 votes
BeastdadRed_EyesJIMMY_SABUmairKhan05TechnobotKittenPrimerprime5SilverZAFirebotCr4zy_WheeljackSalvador 11 votes


  • SilverZASilverZA Posts: 363
    I say Jazz, because damage-wise, he is good. He is fast, has a high critical rate, has good synergies, and is perfect.

    Galavtron is decent though.
  • Primerprime5Primerprime5 Posts: 853
    Funnily enough, Jazz is actually a near-perfect counter to Galvatron. Confusion doesn't allow Galvatron to save up for his Sp2 & Sp3, and the Backfire can deal damage when his Ranged combos become impenetrable.
  • Jazz
    You like...
    A good scout class bot that has a variety of tools?
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