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Bots locked up in expired Fog Of War mission

I was running a last minute FOW mission and got into a phone call, by the time my call ended, the mission expired. Now my bots are locked into "a story mission" and can't use them for AM. Already restarted the game but nothing changed.

The mission section does not show my bots in use. Anyone having this same problem?



  • FirebotFirebot Posts: 525
    try this
    Go to another story mission(Spotlight, Act 4,3,etc., Daily missions) and try doing those missions.
    A message saying you are on another mission would you like to start a new one , something like that
    say yes your bots will be transferred to this mission and exit from this mission
    that might help
  • PeponfreePeponfree Posts: 83
    worked!! very cool advise!
  • FirebotFirebot Posts: 525
    Peponfree wrote: »
    worked!! very cool advise!

    No problem bro
  • FirebotFirebot Posts: 525
    i'm doing that a lot nowadays cuz i feel bored a lot
    so i go from one mission to another so yeah
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