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Bot Match ups for Nemesis Prime

Galvatr0n27Galvatr0n27 Posts: 52
edited July 2020 in General Discussion
Since like Thundercracker has no list of Match ups so I decided do it again with Nemesis Prime. Which I’ll list match ups of bots Nemesis Prime can effectively take down and bots can effectively take down Nemesis Prime

Strong Match ups:
Most Brawler bots - Their common buffs can make Nemesis Prime’s Dark Energy ability to copy their buffs and nullify them making him an effective choice and won’t be able to purify them them being instant damage ones

Bumblebee (DoTm) - Everytime Nemesis Prime is knocked down will be an mistake as he can copy and nullify his attack buffs punishing anyone who replies on building Bumblebee’s attack buffs for combat
Neutral match ups:
Prowl - His usage of a lot melee buffs will allow him to copy them and nullify them punishing any commanded who replies on using his melee buffs or good cop ability but his drain special 1 can drain Nemesis Prime’s power

Optimus Prime - Nemesis will be able to copy Optimus’ melee and armor buffs and nullify them athough his armor break and bleeds can be an problem for Nemesis

Starscream - They will unable to use their abilities as Starscream has no melee or armor buffs making it impossible for Nemesis Prime to copy or nullify them himself but Starscream will unable to nullify Nemesis Prime’s abilities. Making both bots abilities useless (At least without mods for either one)

Weak match ups:

Demolitions - Their powerful attacks will make it difficult for Nemesis to handle. Most of them hardly ever use melee or armor buffs like Galvatron, Megatronus, and Ironhide. Their debuffs will do massive damage with no way to counter. Ramjet will cause trouble to to the dark copy as Nemesis Prime has no way against burn debuffs and can stun him additionally his unstoppable ability will cause every vehicle on vehicle collision for Ramjet to win just like his original copy and his special buffs will not be able to be copied or nullified. Waspinator repiled on range attacks and Nemesis Prime mostly relies on close combat to win and his sting debuffs can do extra harm.

Megatron (G1), Ultra Magnus, and Cyclonus - They don’t have melee buffs and their unique abilities can cause trouble as Megatron will get unstoppable for everytime Nemesis Prime knocks him down, Ultra Magnus’ resistant buffs can make him an tank with no way for Nemesis to get around his burns, and Cyclonus dark energy field will do damage in close combat

Most Warriors, Tech, and scout bots - Certain bots won’t have the right buff types for Nemesis to do his max damage and the tech bot shields can minimize any special damage and Scouts powerful evades can make it hard to catch although there is the most effective bots.

*Shockwave, Cheetor and Jetfire - Their debuffs and repair block abilities can prevent healing with signature ability from healing in specials as well Cheetor’s evasion, Jetfire’s Shielding and powerlock can stop Nemesis in his tracks.
*Bots with debuffs and stuns can do harm like Windblade, Bonecrusher, Bludgeon, Dinobot, Drift and some others can bleed Nemesis down. Bonecrusher will make Nemesis bleed with every critical blow dealt to him
Additionally bots with backfire debuffs will make healing no longer useful with special attacks healing him.

(Mods are coming soon and Nemesis Prime is kinda a wonky bot as he only good against bots with melee and armor buffs with no debuffs and evasion making this wiki shorter than Thundercracker’s)


  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,949
    Dotm Bee isn’t a strong match up though. Nemesis only copies 2 types of buffs: Melee and Armor. He won’t benefit from standard Attack buffs
  • Primerprime5Primerprime5 Posts: 853
    edited July 2020
    Wouldn't G1 Bee also be a Strong Matchup regarding Nem Prime? His Signature grants him a Melee Buff at close range. Can't that be copied over?

    Also, Ultra Magnus DOES have a weakness against him, but it requires some work. Forcing UM to use his Sp2 with more Melee Resists allows Nem Prime to permanently gain an equivalent number of Melee Buffs. He can also transfer any Burns back onto Magnus using a fully charged Sp1.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    edited July 2020
    I don't think NP needs any attention. In my alliance it's a courtesy to leave the right link on when we arrive at NP, so that people with OGMegs can effectively steal a lot of health fighting him.
  • Gunz0 wrote: »
    Dotm Bee isn’t a strong match up though. Nemesis only copies 2 types of buffs: Melee and Armor. He won’t benefit from standard Attack buffs
    @Gunz0 I did say he is kinda of an wonky bot though
    Gunz0 wrote: »
    Dotm Bee isn’t a strong match up though. Nemesis only copies 2 types of buffs: Melee and Armor. He won’t benefit from standard Attack buffs

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