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How to Best Spend Energon?

In your opinion, how should beginners best spend Energon?

How should you spend Energon as you climb to a higher level?

Currently I am level 32 so a response with that in mind is greatly appreciated, thanks!


  • Sorry in advance if this has already been discussed was not able to find much or at least what I was particularly looking for
  • Keep collecting em! Play arenas, watch ads and buy them from the raid store(Available for 24 h just like the other rotating items, so check the raid store daily)
    Best way to spend em is on Masteries! Now its upto you if u wanna invest in defensive or offensive masteries. But I would suggest that offensive masteries are the only ones in which u should invest. Defensive ones aren't worth it.
    Those deals u see popping up on ur screen everyday? Most are not worth it, so don't go for them. I only buy the Gold Deal coz I feel its good and gives me a decent amount of gold with Gold crystals.
    Don't spend them on crystals or Repair and Revive Kits. In crystals, the chance of getting lucky is like not even there, so never try it out. The Repair and Revives have become pretty expensive now and they are not worth it. If u can't cross a mission, then just upgrade and rebuild your squad, then try again. Although, it would be a good idea to buy them when the boss fight in a mission is almost done but all your bots got KO. Most of us don't wanna do the mission again(Or maybe its just me? lol) so I think spending a bit of energon on them to defeat the boss would not be that bad :)
    There ya go, that sums it up. I think the best place to spend energon is on the Mastery Cores for Masteries. Apart from that, I only feel the gold deal is pretty good among all the other deals.
  • yorkdredyorkdred Posts: 72
    Don’t spend on crystals:) When I started new account two months ago I always experienced shortage of resources... I used Energon to purchase spark bundles. First, I bought simple ones to help upgrade 4* bots to rank 2 & rank 4. That helped me to get my away missions upgraded to tier 2 ore crystals. After, I purchased spark bundles for 5* bots to get through tier 3 class spark drought faster. Right now I’m just accumulating for elite spark bundles to upgrade 5* bots to rank 4 faster.
    I believe spark bundles are the best for beginners... since they allow you to progress faster and do more difficult content... It took me about 2 months (from the day I started) to get my away missions upgraded to tier 3 ore and 5* bot shards. The requirements are based on your bot ratings...
  • SlayerSlayer Posts: 1,085
    Mastery cores(only when they are at half price), raid tickets when they hand out bot chips, energon offers that suits YOU and will help in your progression, energy refills if you're bored and just want to smash a couple more lanes in Act and Special missions, revives/repairs to be used in difficult missions like Rok2 rok3.

    What else.... Oh yes some friends i know who use energon to refresh away missions untill they get 5* shard missions but i don't know if you're at a high commander level to even get 5* away missions.
  • Buy like 3 premium crystals at the start and
    Then get the useful stuff like masteries and MAYBE a bundle but only if it's useful enough
  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 2,485
    Off hand without knowing where you are besides level 32, can’t recommend what to buy. I just know what not to buy. Unless you’re crazy, probably shouldn’t buy bot crystals, especially PBCs as those will most likely just give you 2 star bots. You can get those by collecting crystals shards.

    You should be working on building up a good 4 star team and then a 5 star team. A good 4 star roster will help you do the harder spotlight missions (where you can get better bot crystal shards) and higher AM levels.
  • JIMMY_SABJIMMY_SAB Posts: 1,008
    Assuming you have a the roster to support it, spend on Away Missions to refresh and get 5* crystal shards. Growing your 5* roster is obvious, but doing so at an accelerated rate is exponential. Some considerations for this recommendation:

    1. You need two R3/5* and three R2/5* at a minimum to dedicate to the Away Missions
    2. Ranking a 5* to R2 is only 80k in gold + Ore, but make sure you practice with a bot before investing further. The nice part about having a variety is learning who suits you before jumping into the major resource drain that comes with R3-R5 and forging.
    3. Pick a single bot as your best and rank that one up enough (R4 ideally) and make sure you can full explore Prime (formerly Master) Spotlight. You will need these rewards to really grow your 5* bots.
    4. The Away Missions are cyclic. Sometimes you’ll get a few 5* missions in a row and other days you’ll refresh 7-10 times before you see another one. There is no secret to it.
  • Thanks for the feedback!
  • I assume you have a team of good 4* bots ready and you'll soon attempt ROK. Save energon for the time being. The mirage is really tricky to defeat & you'll probably need some revives & healing for that fight. I had to review my og prime 2 times to defeat him.
    To keep it simple save up for big fights in the future. ( Also we get an occasional offer that pops up at the beginning of each month that gives you 5 energy refillls & xp boost fot 150 energon. Buy it if you're seriously planning to explore spotlight missions. )
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