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Tips for improving HOT ROD bot skills

edited August 2020 in General Discussion
Hi all.
I am a faithful player and lover of transformers, today I come to write an article and I hope KABAM can accept my suggestion.
As you know, a few months ago and now KABAM has improved the skills of some bots that are that are HOUND, SOUNDWAVE, GRIMLOCK and KICKBACK
So we players would like KABAM to improve a bot that is very poor because its abilities are not very good and that is HOT ROD and that is why players prefer to use DRIFT and NECROTRONUS.


1. Increase the chance that HOT ROD can block evasions from 60% to 85%
2. As we all know HOT ROD has the ability to increase its power flow in melee and ranged attacks but this ability cannot be used to the maximum because we only have 9 seconds to use that ability (Spice 1 and 2) .
Enemies cannot always be hit quickly. They can also evade, wait, and even make time and it is not possible to take advantage of the HOT ROD ability in a range of 9 seconds and that is why KABAM must increase the time a little more from 9 seconds to 15 seconds when using the special 1 and 2.

You may wonder why in point number 2 you did not take into account the increase in time when special 3 is used.

Because I have a better idea.

3. Special 3 when we activate its power flow should no longer have a time of 23.6 seconds, The best thing would be for HOT ROD to have a permanent improvement in its power flow for the rest of the battle.

HOT ROD has good skills but they are very poor and with my suggestions they can make it a better BOT.
That's why players prefer to use a DRIFT or NECROTRONUS because they are effective in battle and HOT ROD is not without that.

Thank you very much for your attention and for reading this suggestion.
It will be a great joy if the game administrators can comment on my article and know if they like my idea.
Greetings to all


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