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Request to Kabam

Hello Kabam Team -

I’d like to thank you for your hard work which keeps this game alive, competitive, and still attractive to many players around the globe. I believe, most of the community acknowledges that there are constraints on resources which don’t allow you to fulfill all of our requests and make you choose and prioritise changes and upgrades you have been making to the game.

With that being said, I’d like to ask you for consistent open communication of your priorities and projects which you are focusing on. You did it several month ago when communicated your short term goals in the post on the forum. I’m wondering if you could do posts like that consistently... let’s say quarterly.

I think it would help to keep community engaged and aligned with developers.

Thank you


  • Kabam isn't gonna respond to this post, mate.
  • yorkdredyorkdred Posts: 72
    If nobody responds, that’s fine... as long as they see it. Hopefully, they at least think about :)
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    Discord channel is a good excuse to abandon this forum then morph real communication into daily chat.
  • DiacloneDiaclone Posts: 29
    Face the truth the game is dead
  • yorkdredyorkdred Posts: 72
    @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Miike can you guys consider implementing quarterly updates to communicate your short term and/or long term goals? I think this can improve sentiments circulating within our community... this can also create open channel for constructive feedback.
  • Mmmmmmm
    Diaclone wrote: »
    Face the truth the game is dead

    You are correct. I feel like people play this game for no reason now. Grinding isnt fun anymore, especially when there's no new content. Alliance members and even leaders ghost you and this game is clearly out of date because we're still "working" on Combiner Wars bots even though the brand is at Seige right now.
    I only go on these forums because its the only good place to communicate to TF fans. That's it!

    You guys are wasting so much of your time!
    You could be doing something productive like buying hundreds of copies of Chibi Robo:Ziplash!

  • yorkdredyorkdred Posts: 72
    So much agree with you @BlackRazak. There are plenty of things to do. There is content updated monthly... spotlights, mini missions with interesting mods, fog, etc. There are new bots added from time to time.

    Returning back to the topic, communication is the key to keep Kabam and the community aligned... it should also help to manage our expectations better.
  • FirebotFirebot Posts: 525
    yorkdred wrote: »

    Returning back to the topic, communication is the key to keep Kabam and the community aligned... it should also help to manage our expectations better.
    this is most important
  • BlackRazak wrote: »
    I mean no malice, but why are the players complaining "game's dead", "no new bots", "sky's falling" mostly low to medium level players at most?

    I quite get it if you're one of the veterans who've 100% everything, beat LoC with 2*s or whatever, but there are a huge amount of crap players whining despite being mediocre.
    With tonnes left to accomplish.
    The veterans since beta and whales somewhat get a pass (though at times the attitude is abysmal), but you lowly lot (i consider myself closer to this bracket, too) should stop moaning.

    I've been playing 2 years, am only level 54, can barely finish D60 without using revives but
    1. I haven't completed the 5* collection, el hence haven't experienced all the synergies, etc.
    2. Haven't beat RotK, last time i tried was 1 yr ago, lost to Waspinator (71% completion with mostly 4*, will try again soon).
    3. Haven't explored all acts, just the one pass.
    4. Am only at 8x R5 5*s. They're really different every time you rank, level up, pump in sigs. So much left to do.
    ... And many more.
    My wife says i spend a ton of time on this game (2-2.5hr/daily)!

    I'm no top tier, still have lots to master. But I'm closer to being a proficient, maybe top 20% of players with every month passing.

    Kabam, the issue is really really a lack of communication on the goals/development department.
    Not asking for weekly updates, perhaps more back and forth from both sides will alleviate the idiocy on this end.

    Yeah but there barely is any motivation to do any of those tasks because the things you unlock from doing those things are related to grinding or ranking up your bots.
    What do you do with those bots?
    Nothing apart from spotlight missions and wasting 2.5 hours of this game instead of doing something else. It isn't worth it!
  • SilverZASilverZA Posts: 363
    Never lose hope.
  • yorkdredyorkdred Posts: 72
    Hope for the best but expect the worst :)
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,949
    SilverZA wrote: »
    Never lose hope.

  • Cr4zy_WheeljackCr4zy_Wheeljack Posts: 544
    edited August 2020
    Gunz0 wrote: »
    SilverZA wrote: »
    Never lose hope.


    Your telling me Star Wars ******* lied to us for over 40 years!
  • Thanks for the suggestion! We can't commit to give updates when we don't have anything to update you guys on, but that doesn't mean we aren't working on things behind the scenes. Our priorities remain unchanged, and that's to continue to give you all fresh content every month. While the method that we do it may have changed (2 shorter Missions per month, instead of 1), we will continue to deliver on that, and more.

    As mentioned above, if you'd like to be part of a more active and immediate conversation, I strongly recommend the Transformers: Forged to Fight official discord server. Tap on the link from the Settings menu in-game to find it. We've found that our most active players have made that their community home, and is also where our Dev and Creative team spend a lot of time lurking, and occasionally interacting.
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