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New to tftf

Hello as you read the title am I new to this game. I came here from mcoc (made by kabam) and had a few questions.
1) Are there any side events in the game? I saw the announcement about the monthly quest but no side event
In mcoc we always have a side event every month
2) Does this game has a tier list? If so please send the link to the most popular one
Thanks in advance


  • yorkdredyorkdred Posts: 72
    We do have side events... From time to time, I would say every qtr we have a mini mission event or a special arena... We also have fog of war (usually every other month; last one was in July) which allows you to earn rare resources... Also, we have now bi-weekly mini spotlights... not monthly.

    In terms of tier list... I agree with Buttehrs’ comment that all bots are usable. Some of them are better for players who prefer range attacks, others are better for melee fights... Some posses defensive abilities while some are focused on offence. Don’t want to mislead you so try as many as you can and pick the ones who fit your play style better.

    Gameplay in TFTF is reacher and allows more freedom than MCOC... just my opinion... You can defeat opponents without touching them a single time :)

  • Thanks guys for the response. Was exactly looking for a chill game but with mcoc mechanics.
  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 629
    Aouxwoux wrote: »
    Thanks guys for the response. Was exactly looking for a chill game but with mcoc mechanics.

    Yea it's pretty chill. Really there arent many alternatives to mcoc form of gameplay. Tftf, mortal kombat and injustice is about it.
  • Bntyhntr3232_Bntyhntr3232_ Posts: 3,088
    Hey, welcome to the game! It's nice to see a new player joining the game. As for your questions, there are no tier lists, only bots that are considered the best, and the worst. Megatronus, Tactician Megatron, Tactician Optimus Prime, Scorponok, Drift, Mv1 Optimus Prime, Tantrum, Jazz, Prowl, and Shockwave, are considered to be some of the best bots in the game. But don't let that discourage you from trying other bots, as every bot is at least usable. Though, I would personally recommend against using the Sharkticons, and Hound. But otherwise, have fun with the game. And for side events... We don't often get those, but they've been around occasionally. Also, Here's a tip: don't focus on the game's story missions, focus on the spotlights, as their rewards are better than every act, except for Act 4. I hope this helps, and good luck!
  • MegaStrikersMegaStrikers Posts: 264
    edited August 2020
    Welcome! @Buttehrs is right, there are not many alternatives to MCOC. I feel TFTF is the closest one. Hope you enjoy the game!
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